• Saturday, December 02, 2023
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South-South CRM overseer says thanksgiving breaks obstacles

Bon Achumba

Christians have been given what is regarded as the strongest key to break through any obstacle confronting them.

The head of the Charismatic Renewal Ministries (CRM) in South-South Nigeria, Bon Achumba (PhD), who released the secret on Sunday, December 12, 2021, said rendering thanks and praises to God has always done what striving or bouts of prayers could not do.

Achumba, the Rivers State Overseer as well as South-South Regional Overseer, spoke when members of the Correspondents Chapel of the Rivers State Council of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) led by Amaechi Okonkwo came for their Thanksgiving Church Service to mark the conclusion of their 2021 Press Week which began on December 6, 2021.

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Quoting various areas in the scripture (Bible) especially Psalm 116, the Regional Overseer also narrated his personal experiences where people have resorted to thanksgiving sessions and songs only for the stubborn obstacle to break down.

He said big breakthroughs take place by breaking down the walls of difficulty through thanksgiving. He shocked the congregation when he told a story of a parish that had difficulty starting a church building.

He said the pastor organized a thanksgiving service for the small level achieved, only to receive a big boost from Dubai and another boost from another helper which lead to the parish becoming one of the best in terms of infrastructure and is now one of the top three fastest parishes in Rivers State.

He made it clear that those who live a life of thanksgiving usually experience a bountiful. He said coming to give thanks to God is important because the Psalmist said: “I will pay my vow in the presence of His people.”

Achumba said: “The more you do Thanksgiving, the more your problems diminish.” He asked members to note the prophecy that came that morning saying; “Because you thanked me this way, I will make you thank me more.”

He said the day the Correspondents came was the exact day the CRM holds their annual Thanksgiving, saying it could not have been a coincidence. He admonished Christians to understand how God work. “You must love the Lord. Any experience that does not push you to love God more is not it. Thanksgiving flows freely for a grateful heart. It’s not just about what gift God gave you but gratitude from a heart of love.”

He reminded Christians that Paul and Silas worked hard for God but their reward was arrest and imprisonment. “What did they do? They burst into thanksgiving songs. The rest is history, miracle, and lesson to Christendom.”

Achumba said there are four witnesses to a true worshipper’s love of God: “You (your conscience will bear testimony in you); People (people will witness it, see Daniel); Satan (Satan knows whether you love God or not and that was why a law was made to stop Daniel and his brothers from loving God), and God (God knows who truly loves Him).

He said thanksgiving clear moments of tension and threat in one’s life; “The pangs of death surrounded me…For you have delivered my soul from death, my eyes from tears, and my feet from falling.”

He said this is the testimony true believers always tell. “Those problems worrying us are already behind us. Amen. But, what shall I render to the Lord for all His benefits toward me?”

He urged worshippers to ponder over this; “And make a pledge to your God on your own at heart as you present to God your specific problem.”

He showed how God gives us a huge gift but we despair over seeking material things. He asked: “If a governor gives you $10m today, and ask you not to be fighting with people, will you not agree and be satisfied and be a happy man. But if he says to take $10m and not wake up tomorrow morning, you will scream and refuse it. This means that waking up every morning is bigger than a $10m gift. Why not rejoice over waking up every day?”

In his thanksgiving remarks, the Correspondents Chapel chairman (Amaechi Okonkwo), said it was important to lead the members to thank God for making the Week a huge success despite threats that made it almost not happen. He revealed that he had to set up a secret prayer group. He remarked further that journalists devote all their days to making society survive and end up forgetting themselves.

This year, he said, the Correspondents resolved to look inward under the theme: ‘Survival of journalists under economic and security uncertainties; with focus on strategic reporting of the maritime sector.’