• Saturday, March 02, 2024
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Social media is a reflection of creativity, media that has gone social, says Oluwatoyinbo

Social media is a reflection of creativity, media that has gone social, says Oluwatoyinbo

Damilola Oluwatoyinbo, the chief executive officer Of DreamStream Resources Limited, has urged Nigerian youth to deepen their creative skills and knowledge in leveraging social media as digital content creators.

“Creativity is a tool for transformation. Creativity means in the middle of the chaos, what can we do to harness to make a difference? Social media is a reflection of creativity; it is media that has gone social,” Oluwatoyinbo said at the official unveiling of his new project tagged, ‘DreamSpace’ at the business wing of the Citadel Global Church, Oregun, Ikeja, which offers consultancy solutions for organisations and individuals; coaching; training of staff and studio sessions.

According to him, the DreamSpace is a facility wired to inspire people, and designed to world-class standards. He further said that the facility will create a lasting positive memory in the audiences hosted by DreamSpace.

“My concern is how to touch people with the gift I have. How do I train people so that it’s not just about me giving that gift or a part of that gift, but they are also transformed to be able to do something for themselves?

“So this centre exists to go beyond what I can do; to what people can do and what we can do together, that’s the collaboration aspect of it. What I can do might be great but limited. I’m just one person, but when I’m able to get 100 people, 200,000 or 1 million people,” Oluwatoyinbo said.

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Speaking on the current strike by the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), and how students can leverage on their creative skills, Oluwatoyinbo said that students can deepen their knowledge by investing in training, coaching, and other areas of mentorship. “With the ongoing ASUU strike, students have been at home for a long time. With a space like this, we can serve corporate communities, and we can pass knowledge to students”.

He recalled his little beginning in 2016 after he returned to Nigeria and stressed on the importance of prudent spending as a business owner. “What most young people want is quick wealth; they want to look like what they are not. Whereas, when I began to become profitable, I did not spend that money, I invested in myself, I invested in products, training, coaches and mentors,” he said.

According to him, investment in personal training and coaching is extremely relevant because of the desperate time the country is currently undergoing. “There is a whole lot of confusion. And when there is confusion what you need is creativity,” Oluwatoyinbo reiterated in urging digital content creators to invest their resources in seeking knowledge.