• Thursday, April 18, 2024
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Six ways to spend your time this Ramadan

The significance and lessons from Ramadan

Ramadan, a month in the islamic calendar marking the commencement of a 29 or 30-day fasting, comes with a lot of reflections and worship to Allah (God), especially to seek forgiveness, blessings and other wishes.

Religion experts have said prayers are answered during this period and sins forgiven, all of which makes the month special to all Muslims.

Having clear-cut ways to spend your time becomes important, as Muslims are usually enjoined to make the best of the holy month.

Though this year’s 1445 A.H Ramadan seems to be rather extraordinary for many Nigerians due to the economic headwinds pulling heavy money out of their pockets, the act of worship shouldn’t stop.

Here are six ways to spend your time this Ramadan:

Draw a time table: Due to the bustle and hustle of making earns meet, one may not have the luxury of sitting for long to reflect and worship. But with an outline of how to spend each day of the month, you can worship while still staying focused at work.

Visit the mosque and observe solat (prayer): Many clerics have alluded that the best place to spend most of the time in the holy month is the mosque. So go to the mosque as often as possible and observe the five daily prayers as and when due.

Be among people who are fasting: Since fasting involves staying off food, drinks and other prohibited items, staying among people with similar sentiments strengthens your self-denial resolve.

Read the Quran: The holy Quran was sent to the Prophet in the month of Ramadan, hence Muslims are encouraged to read it as often as possible to remind them of the teachings of God and increase their piety.

Attend public lectures and seminars: While denying yourself of eating and drinking which form the basis of fasting, getting to know the religion better is another reason for Ramadan. Therefore, attending lectures or webinars where issues surrounding the religion are discussed is a way to make the most of this period.

Spend time with your family: Ramadan preaches unity and oneness as everyone around the world observes fasting during the one-month-long fasting. This affords Muslim faithful worldwide the opportunity to spend more time with their families as they eat Sahur and Iftar almost every time, fuelling love and bonding among members.