Silvercloud media starts operational base in South-East

Silvercloud Media Limited has announced the commissioning of its operational base in southeast Nigeria in line with its mission to maintain the positive reputation and image of the brand.

Mathew Aroh, CEO, Silvercloud Media said there are many impactful businesses and innovations going on in the southeast and South-south region of the country that goes without media visibility.

“Choosing the southeast as our operational base is the decision of the company’s board of directors and executive team to bring the old eastern region to the limelight as attention is always in Lagos and Abuja,” said Aroh.

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According to him, the world is expected to hear about these businesses soon and see good media representation, which will equally open the region to investment attraction.

The Silvercloud Media board of directors came up with this idea as they plan to maintain the positive reputation of brands and businesses in the south east region.

Recently, Silvercloud Media changed some of its directors to facilitate the fast growth of the company and maintain good media relation. The new directors also had some discussion on how they could expand the company to serve the whole of West Africa.

Silvercloud Media is a registered media company in Nigeria that partners with businesses and organizations to create, promote and protect their reputations, brands and images.

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