• Friday, March 01, 2024
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See where Nigeria ranks among Africa’s 10 most dangerous countries

Nigeria and some other African nations have been identified as “dangerous” countries to visit, according to a report.

The World Population Review insights for 2024 showed that many countries in Africa and South America are dangerous due to such factors as high rates of crime, terrorism and unstable political climate.

In identifying ” dangerous ” countries, the Global Peace Index, a comparative metric that looks at crime rates across the board, is used. Though the numbers rise and fall from year to year, some countries in Africa have been said to be “persistently unsafe”.

Therefore, it is critical to use extra caution when travelling to these countries.

Ten indicators in the GPI are used to assess a specific society’s safety and security levels. These include stable politics, lower crime rates, acts of terrorism, violent crimes, relationships with neighbouring countries, and the percentage of its citizens that are displaced.

The Global Peace Index is a multifaceted analysis that compiles 23 qualitative and quantitative indicators to determine the level of overall peace in each of the 163 countries. Lower scores indicate greater levels of peace, and higher scores indicate increased danger.

In 2023, the GPI scores ranged from 1.124 in Iceland, the world’s most peaceful country, to 3.448 in Afghanistan, 2023’s least-peaceful country.

Here are the 10 countries that have been regarded to be unsafe:
1.South Sudan
2.DR Congo
6.Central African Republic
8.Burkina Faso