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Seclot introduces new technology for verification of business credibility

Seclot Technology Limited, an indigenous technology firm based in Lagos has introduced a verification service that will help Nigerians to verify addresses of businesses, suppliers, staff and prospective job applicants.

As the world adjusts to the new reality based on the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a spike in online transactions and other related services, thereby creating the need to further verify the credibility of online businesses.

Having identified this challenge, Seclot Technology Limited introduced a service known as Seclot Vet, an online solution that allows individuals and corporate organisations to vet the addresses of staff members, job applicants, clients and suppliers.

Industry watchers say that there is no better time to introduce such a platform, as Seclot Vet is coming at a time when the nation is doing all sorts of verification due to security challenges.

Experienced and adept in security solutions, Seclot Technology Limited has added Seclot Vet Solution as a way of ensuring that organisations and individuals know who they are dealing with before dealing with them.

Details such as addresses, time, name and occupation or manner of business can be confirmed for a fee of N1,000 (one thousand Naira).

Speaking on the security of the solution, Olasunbo Atekoja, the co-founder of Seclot Vet and country manager of Seclot Technologies Limited said in a media chat that “The word ‘Seclot’ was coined from ‘security for the lot’. Our core competencies are background verification, surveillance systems and tracking systems. We noticed that the above-mentioned areas are places that many organisations have challenges. Ours is to fill in the void by providing world- class services. Seclot is a security-oriented company that deals with online security and physical security. Our vision is to become the leading provider of technology driven security solutions in Nigeria and Africa.”

Atekoja said “the platform is a self-service portal where you can create your profile and upload details of people you want to vet. The vetting will be done, and result uploaded back to the portal. Interestingly, you can still view these details years after the vetting has been done. We also relentlessly focus on securing our clients digital ecosystem where data assets are the most valuable and vulnerable components of the global economy leveraging our professional teams across Africa to deliver exceptional solutions and services. “

Today, a lot of people are going into online businesses due to availability of IT tools, although the issue of trust arises, where customers see items online but supplier supplies another thing, the Seclot Vet addresses this trust issue. With Seclot identity (ID) of the vendor customers can locate and identify the vendor/supplier. Seclot ID captures the office location, business capacity etc.

Seclot Vet can also work with public sector where a government bureau or office will want to deal with a group of people. This solution comes with map, video, and address location of the client for a fee.

“We currently operate in over 10 major cities and have carried out over 1,500 verification from 2019 to date. We intend to build footprints of Nigerians to the world. We are looking at having a 100 million Nigerian data verified by 2030”, Atekoja said.

The firm has deployed their vetting solution in many corporate organisations and locations such as Parkit.Ng, Reposebay, ET Logistics Limited, Hail etc. The company has also performed domestic vetting jobs in many parts of the country such as Lagos, Benin and most recently Abuja, the federal capital.

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