SBA Group expands operations in Nigeria, to boost manufacturing sector

SBA Group, a provider of technical services, sales, spare parts and after-sales service machinery for manufacturing companies has officially unveiled the opening of its new office in Lagos, Nigeria, to accommodate a growing workforce, workspaces and warehouse.

The official launch, hosted by Yomi Owope, Senior Special Assistant to the Governor, Ogun State Governor’s Office, is part of a strategic decision to enhance the effectiveness and the impact of its operations while facilitating the growing activities in the Manufacturing sector in Nigeria, the Group said in a statement

The organisation is one of the leaders in the packaging of water, beverages, liquid food, cosmetics, and dairy ranging from packaging machines to automated filling systems, to water treatment, industrial printers, etc. They have been in operation since 1998 when it first established its presence in West Africa. Since then, they have successfully secured multiple partnerships and opened additional offices across West Africa, East Africa, and Central Africa.

“It was a truly remarkable day for the Group as they welcomed over 100 Customers and Strategic Partners from all over,” the statement read.

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According to the statement, the grand opening commenced with a ribbon cutting ceremony performed by Claude Bosson, Chairman, SBA Group and George Sakalis, Managing Director, SBA Group. Thereafter, there was a building tour of all four floors, leading to a rooftop, where the group entertained guests in a small business party to mark the significant milestone. Special performances by Award Winning Nigerian Guitarist, Femi Leye, 12 year old Nigerian Saxophonist prodigy, Temilayo Abodunrin and South African singer, Noel Mio gave invited guests and employees a chance to relax and socialize while having drinks and canapes.

Speaking on surmounting challenges along the way, Sakalis in his welcome address expressed gratitude to various respective stakeholders, saying that “because of a growing team, it was not an easy task to buy land and build during the pandemic. But this happened because of our great customers, partners and a very determined contractor that pushed it through, despite all odds, despite all the difficulties in sourcing materials. We also thank our Chairman for his trust and for constantly supporting us to make this happen.”

According to him, “The new head office is a tangible asset that will become an integral part of SBA’s devotion to pioneer more innovative ideas in West Africa. With extensive facilities for partnerships and collaboration efforts with local and international clients, the management says the building will be a landmark for catalyzing intellectual productivity. Given SBA’s track record, this project will also further enhance the momentum towards becoming a highly reputable brand.”

Sakalis affirmed the group’s commitment to being “the best at delivering value.” The mission has been the same for the last 24 years. In the next coming years, SBA Group is looking forward to taking great new steps and thinking ahead to a future of achievement and success, with a training facility within the structure, designed to train employees, customers, and machine operators.

He reiterated that the SBA Group will continue to work closely with a broad range of partners in the widest possible range of sectors and areas. “It’s world-class services and provision of quality infrastructure are a reflection of the Group’s concerted commitments not only to the future growth of its establishment but more importantly, for the future development of Nigeria.”

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