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Report puts Huawei’s cloud IaaS provider world’s 5th largest

Huawei Cloud IaaS revenue surge by a stunning 202.8 percent growth has, placed it in the top five list of cloud IaaS providers in the world, according to a report from market research firm Gartner Inc.

According to the research firm, this is the second consecutive year of over 200 percent growth for Huawei Cloud in the IaaS market, braking Huawei Cloud into the top five IaaS vendors with 4.2 percent in global market share.

Huawei Cloud was one of the first vendors to invest in cloud-native technologies. HUAWEI CLOUD helped establish the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) in 2015, and is the only founding member and the first platinum member of the CNCF, contributing more than 130 core features to the CNCF community.

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By December 2020, Huawei Cloud had launched more than 220 cloud services and more than 210 solutions. Through technology partnerships, Huawei Cloud developed more than 20,000 partners, attracted 1.8 million developers, and launched more than 4,000 applications in the Marketplace.

Since its launch on South Africa in 2019, Huawei Cloud has experienced exponential growth in the cloud market. Currently, the technology giant has four points of presence in Africa: two in South Africa, one in Nigeria and one in Kenya.

“The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in an increased move to the cloud, and need for technology enablers. We plan to increase the number of local, data centre’s as the demand for cloud services grows. We currently serve customers in 12 countries, with plans to grow rapidly as the need arises,” said Stone He, the new President for the HUAWEI CLOUD in Southern Africa.

In South Africa, during 2020, Huawei has seen great business growth in public cloud and hybrid cloud. South Africa’s Automobile Association (AASA), a 91-year-old AASA is a non-profit organisation that provides road security, roadside assistance and vehicle-related services to its five million registered users and 700 000 subscribers. Through its partnership with HUAWEI CLOUD, they have overcome infrastructure challenges and reduced their costs by around 10 percent per year.

“We have a unique strategy around our business model, with the focus on joint value creation with our partners and customers. We are committed to helping our partners grow their business and strengthen their competitive edge, through joint go-to-market strategies. Our business model is focused on joint value creation,” said He.

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