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Quantum Energy Solutions, ISCO seal pact to provide polythene pipes

A Nigerian firm, Quantum Strategies & Energy Solutions (QSES), has signed an exclusive sales agreement with a US-based firm, ISCO, to provide high-density polythene pipes and fittings.

The deal will also see to the provision of electrofusion equipment, training, certification, and other allied services for the oil and gas, waterworks, mining, and manufacturing industries in Nigeria.

HDPE pipes and fittings are useful in several applications, including pipelines, firewater, potable water, and wastewater management systems. The agreement will result in employment opportunities for many Nigerians.

According to Akinwale Biobaku, CEO of QSES, the pact followed due diligence and checks conducted by the agreeing parties and the United States Commercial Services (USCS) of the US Consulate in Nigeria.

Biobaku described the initiative as QSES’s response to the growing demand for HDPE pipes and fittings in Nigeria largely due to its environmental friendliness, energy conservation and inherent cost-savings on installation, environmental pollution, maintenance and repairs.

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This directly ties with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals on Energy conservation and environmental protection.

“QSES is an integrated innovation and business solutions provider to the energy, manufacturing, and agro-allied sectors of the economy. The vision of this company is to be the foremost energy and business solutions provider across the vast economic spectrum in sub-Saharan Africa and the world,” said Biobaku.

ISCO, on the other hand, founded almost six decades ago, is a global piping solutions provider, fabricator, and distributor with more than 30 facilities across the United States and Canada. With a long history of recognising and building on an opportunity, it has led them to revolutionise the piping industry. They have the tradition of producing HDPE which is a more reliable, longer-lasting material compared to other options.

ISCO mechanics, fabricators, and technicians have decades of experience making HDPE structures such as process and utility pipes, manholes, tanks, fittings, geothermal vaults, and more. They also make sure every project has the right equipment by selling and renting tools and fusion equipment.

“Strategically, we will expand the knowledge base of our local manpower by investing in knowledge transfer in the form of training and certification. We need to continue to develop the skills of our engineers and technicians; we can’t continue to import manpower, especially skilled ones that we can conveniently develop through knowledge domiciliation and transfer. We would train our engineers and technicians, and expose them to globally accepted standards and practice for HDPE – ASME, ASTM, ISO, NFPA, AWWA to name a few. That is one of several benefits this bilateral partnership is bringing to the table. QSES and ISCO are extremely excited by this partnership,” Biobaku added.

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