Pupils, teachers outline benefits of EdoBEST

Pupils and teachers are telling happy stories of how the Edo Basic Education Sector Transformation (EdoBEST) programme has improved teaching and learning in the last three years.

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The programme uses evidence-based academic content, positive classroom management techniques and continuous teacher training and support.

The new child-centred and scientifically-based lessons have improved pupils’ performance across EdoBEST primary schools. These new methodologies include the use of cheers, songs and other motivation techniques. The positive impact of these changes is being felt by both teachers and pupils. Both groups had a lot to share when asked for their perspectives.

The ‘‘No Corporal Punishment’’ policy, which means pupils should not be physically disciplined, has been graciously received by pupils. Okiti Hope, a pupil in Eweka Primary School in Egor said, “Before when I answer a question wrongly in class, my teacher will shame me and sometimes flog me. But now, my teacher just corrects me and encourages me to do better next time, and this has made me learn more and be self-confident in class.”


Another Pupil, Imoh Joy, at Ogida Primary School in Egor, stated that “before when we make noise, our teacher will tell us to rest our heads on the desk and sometimes even flog us. But now, our teacher just asks us what letter “E” stands for and we say ears are listening. I am enjoying it and I want to learn more because learning is now fun.”

The testimonials point to the fact that pupils are enjoying the new motivational techniques used in class by teachers. Research has shown that a positive learning environment enables pupils to learn more because they are open to asking questions and can process the feedback that they are given which allows them to learn more. This is in line with the third pillar of the EdoBEST program–‘Curriculum Development and Learning Outcomes.’

According to Okoifoh Samuel, a primary 6 pupil (and prefect of his class) at Akho Primary School in Irrua, Esan Central, “The new way of teaching mathematics, has made me like the subject so much, unlike before, I now enjoy solving complex mathematics problems.” Last year, as a result of the rigorous teaching in mathematics and the support he got from his teacher, Okoifoh emerged as the Best Mathematics Pupil in his school and tied for best in the senatorial district.

Similarly, teachers are finding the new teaching methods and positive behaviour motivation techniques to be more effective and less stressful in the classroom, as testified by Omodamwen Ehizogie Colette, an EdoBEST classroom teacher at Eweka Primary School in Egor. She said that the new teaching methods and classroom management strategies she learnt during the EdoBEST teachers professional development training have transformed the learning experience in her classroom as her pupils are excited about learning and their performance has been on a steady increase. She also stated that she is now more than ever motivated as a teacher, as she can easily access staff of the LGEA and SUBEB for support, and her welfare and other allotted benefits are being paid as at when due.

Oputeh Cynthia, an Edo BEST classroom teacher at Ohobo Primary School in Owan East also expressed her joy at the fact that she now has a more friendly and open relationship with her pupils. She said, “Before EdoBEST, I used to flog my pupils as a way of correcting them, but with EdoBEST I have been taught other methods and positive behaviour motivation techniques. My pupils are now learning more, their performance has improved, and they are well-behaved – all thanks to EdoBEST. Even my children ask me why I do not flog them anymore, and I tell them, EdoBEST has taught me better ways of correcting children.”

EdoBEST is truly changing the way teachers transfer knowledge, motivate their pupils and manage their classrooms.


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