• Sunday, June 23, 2024
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Psychotherapist lists ways to reduce mental stress at workplace

Psychotherapist lists ways to reduce mental stress at workplace

Ben Anyasodo, a pychotherapist and multidisciplinary professional, has shed light on several ways to reduce mental stress at the workplace.

Anyasodo said actions like planning/organising oneself and work, focusing and doing one thing at a time and arranging the workspace neatly for mindful breathing are part of the ways to reduce mental stress at work place.

Mindful breathing, he explained, means paying full attention to one’s breath – following the air from the nostrils all the way in and all the way out.

He also encouraged companies to pay more attention to the mental health of their employees. “From improved work scheduling, to engaging with your employees as human beings, not just resources; empathising with staff as well as recognising them will go a long way.

“Companies who have breakout areas with games, just like companies that allow their employees be in control of their own career, experience less absences due to health issues,” he added.

Anyasodo hinted that mental stress results from the brain perceiving some danger due to workload, and this is because logical brain isn’t really designed for multitasking, adding that when there’s a lot to do, the brain processes that as a threat, and that triggers a stress response.

Stress response he listed includes lack of focus, panic, anxiety, headaches, mis planning, aggressive behaviour, sleep issues and gastric issues amongst others.

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He said stress response at an organisational level, translates to absences due to ill health, or employees that don’t quite deliver.

Ben Anyasodo who is also a Behavioural Change expert /Life Coach, promotes mental wellness at the workplace.

Anyasodo whose area of work focuses mainly on studying human behaviour at different levels – micro and macro, has an ability to help people achieve remarkable mindset shift.

Often referred to as ‘The Mind Bender,’ Anyasodo enjoys helping people make the connection between different life events and how to break free from retrogressive patterns.

According to him, his childhood experience contributed to who he is today.

In his words; “As a child, I always wondered what it is that drives people to behave the way they do. My main curiosity was with adults – because many times, I simply saw a child in a big body and it confused and intrigued me at the same time.”