Power Ministry confirms national grid collapse

The federal government Saturday confirmed the collapse of the National grid that occurred on Friday.

It was the third time in 24 days and the first in April.

“We wish to notify the general public of the incidence of a system collapse which occurred at 1830hrs on April 8, 2022 resulting in power outages in many parts of the country,” a press release signed by lsa Sanusi, special adviser media, to the power minister read.

“While a detailed investigation into the immediate and remote causes of the recurring grid failure is currently ongoing by the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission and System Operator (the operator of the national grid), the process of restoring supply is ongoing with some sections of the national grid already energised and supply restored to consumers.”
Sanusi vowed that the government is working hard to forestall future collapses of the national grid.

“We wish to assure Nigerians that the Federal Government is working assiduously to deliver on the much-needed reforms and investments, including SCADA, that are critical to improving the capacity and reliability of the national grid,” he wrote in the press release.

“This is in line with the Mr. President’s directives on closing infrastructure deficits in critical sectors of the Nigerian economy.”

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