• Wednesday, February 28, 2024
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PMI CEO underscores crucial role of project managers in business performance

PMI CEO underscores crucial role of project managers in business performance

George Asamani, managing director Sub-Saharan Africa of Project Management Institute, has commended the impact and crucial role played by project managers across the globe in completing projects. He said this on the background of International Project Management Day celebrated yearly on November 2nd, 2023.

Asamani said, “Project managers play a crucial role in completing projects, including famous landmarks, yet they are not always as prominently recognised as architects, engineers, or designers. This is because, like superheroes, they leave the scene after saving the day.”

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In a statement, he said the 2023 International Project Management Day theme is ‘Embrace, Empower, Evolve. ‘

Asamani said “Embracing challenges is the essence of project management. Project managers are trained to handle the unexpected, navigate uncertainties, and adapt to changing circumstances,” adding that “Successful project managers are flexible in their approaches but are open to change and continuously seek innovative solutions to deliver projects to stakeholders’ satisfaction.”

“They are equipped with diverse skills, such as leadership, communication, risk management, and problem-solving, enabling them to address various hurdles that derail projects. These skills form the bedrock of their work,” he added.

He also said that project managers serve as the linchpin, employing a diverse skillset to orchestrate complex endeavours from inception to completion successfully. They are the unseen forces behind projects, which are fundamentally the building blocks of humanity’s social, economic, and technological advancement, with far-reaching impact in virtually every industry.

He said, “Project managers are the engineers of dreams, architects of innovation, and designers of creative vision who work behind the scenes to make things happen. They are the ones who ensure projects are completed on time, within budget, and meeting organisational goals and objectives. Their work affects countless industries, from construction and technology to healthcare and finance. It is only fair that we honour their invaluable contributions to society on the eve of International Project Management Day.”

According to a study by PwC recently, as many as 97% of respondents polled on the current state of project management agreed that the function is critical to business performance and organisational success. 94% agreed that project management enables business growth. In close association, revenue generation was determined to be one of the main drivers for establishing a project which further demonstrates the critical role that effective project management and execution plays in achieving intended results for the organisation, the statement said.

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Asamani revealed that project managers do not rely solely on their inherent abilities. They seek to empower themselves with skills and certifications that enhance their effectiveness and elevate their profession. These certifications, like the Project Management Professional (PMP), are proof of their commitment to delivering excellence, validate their expertise, and demonstrate their dedication to continuous improvement.