• Sunday, June 23, 2024
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Plateau council chairmen gives stewardship of tenure

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Monday Kassah, the Transition Implementation Committee(TIC) Chairman of Bokkos Local Government, and Samuel Umaru his counterpart from Jos North local government area of Plateau state have provided insights into the progress and initiatives being undertaken in their respective local government areas.
The two council chairmen disclosed this during the ongoing Plateau Radio and Television live broadcast, a grassroots engagement program, organised by the state-owned Radio and Television (PRTV) in conjunction with the Ministry of Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs, the Nigerian Union of Journalists and CSOs for the council chairmen to showcase their achievements.
Kassah particularly said Bokkos local government spends a staggering 35 million naira each month to combat insecurity adding, that there is a growing sense of urgency for coordinated efforts at all levels to address the root causes of insecurity and pave the way for a safer and more secure future for Bokkos and its residents.
He said that Governor Mutfwang had established a resettlement committee in Bokkos, signalling the imminent return of internally displaced persons (IDPs) to their ancestral homes following the submission of the committee’s report.
He emphasized his administration’s focus on transparency in utilizing local government funds. Since taking office on November 9th, 2023, Kassah mentioned achievements such as the grading of four roads and the resolution of salary arrears and death benefits, underscoring his commitment to addressing key issues affecting the community.
“We are focused on improving the lives of our rural dwellers, We have graded about four roads and also commissioned two primary health care centres in Bokkos.
We spend more than 30 to 35 million naira monthly on security. If not for insecurity, we would have done a lot in Bokkos”.
In a separate discussion, the Chairman of Jos North highlighted his administration’s accomplishments, including the installation of boreholes and solar panels in all council wards.
Additionally, similar to his Bokkos counterpart, he emphasized the successful resolution of salary arrears and other benefits owed to employees, showcasing a dedication to the welfare and development of the local workforce.
“When we came in, the workforce was in shamble because of lack of payment. As a government, we prioritised the welfare of workers. Burial expenses that were not paid were our challenges but we tried to surmount the challenges, We were also faced with court cases.
In the area of physical infrastructure, we have been able to grade roads, and construct boreholes. We have been able to construct solar street lights across the council wards”.
Both chairmen’s remarks underscored a shared commitment to community development, transparency, and effective governance. The efforts undertaken in Bokkos and Jos North reflect a proactive approach to addressing pressing issues and enhancing the quality of life for residents in their respective local government areas.
The grassroots engagement program provided a platform for community members and stakeholders to engage in discussions concerning security issues, fostering a collaborative approach towards fostering peace and stability in the region.