• Wednesday, May 29, 2024
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Pioneering a new era of excellence: Congratulating the leadership of PENOP


In Nigeria’s pension landscape, where pedigree and reliability are the cornerstones, recent leadership appointments within the Pension Fund Operators Association of Nigeria (PENOP) have the potential to mark the dawn of a new era. Among the distinguished individuals assuming key roles, Mr. Umar Mairami, the capable Managing Director/CEO of Premium Pension Ltd, rises to the esteemed position of President. Joining him are Mr Godson Ukpevo of Veritas Glanvills Pensions Limited, retaining his position as the Head of the Legal Committee, and Mr Peters Eledu of Zenith Pensions Custodians Limited, stepping in as the association’s Treasurer.

These appointments signify not just individual achievements but a steadfast dedication to uplifting industry standards amid dynamic challenges. Their commitment to continuous learning, exemplified by active participation in TEXEM UK’s programs, underscores their pursuit of personal and professional growth.

Mr Mairami’s elevation to the presidency highlights his proactive mindset and strategic foresight, which are essential for steering PENOP to new heights. His tenure at Premium Pensions Limited has been marked by remarkable milestones, including exponential growth in Assets under Management (AuM), nurturing a growth mindset, and attaining two International Standards Organization (ISO) certifications. He is a TEXEM alumnus, and he attended TEXEM’s executive development programme on effective governance in a digital age for sustainable outcomes in the pension industry in 2019. Thus, Mr Mairami’s presidency promises to infuse fresh energy and new insights into PENOP’s growth agenda, leveraging his proven expertise to propel the association to unparalleled prominence and sustainability.

With a distinguished educational background and membership in professional bodies, Mr Mairami embodies the leadership calibre needed to propel PENOP and Nigeria’s pension industry to new levels of success and resilience. His participation in TEXEM’s executive development programmes further underscores his commitment to staying abreast of modern governance practices.

Mr. Eledu’s support for his board’s participation in TEXEM UK’s programmes reflects his proactive approach to championing lifelong learning and embracing modern governance practices. His election as Treasurer signifies confidence in his ability to steer PENOP towards financial prudence and transparency. Similarly, Mr. Ukpevo’s re-election underscores his profound understanding of legal intricacies within the pension sector and his commitment to continuous improvement. This is exemplified by his participation in the TEXEM programmes Effective Governance in a Digital Age for Sustainable Outcomes in the Pension Industry in 2019 and Beyond Survival: Developing Actionable Strategies for Success in an Era of Negative Growth in 2020.

TEXEM, UK, congratulates PENOP on the appointment of Donald Onuoha, the visionary and dynamic leader at the helm of Fidelity Pension Managers Limited, as the head of Media, branding, and communication. Onuoha is also the MD/CEO of Fidelity Pension Managers Limited.

TEXEM, UK also celebrates Joy Ojokovo, a seasoned strategic finance leader who has been re-elected as the vice president and the general manager of Progress Trust Closed Pension Fund Administrator

The recent online investiture ceremony symbolized a renewed commitment to PENOP’s core values of integrity, ethics, and professionalism as the new executives take on their roles, carrying the hopes and aspirations of stakeholders across the pension industry.

As stakeholders, we sincerely congratulate Mr Umar Mairami, Mr Peters Eledu, Mr Godson Ukpevo, and the entire leadership team of PENOP. Your dedication, vision, and integrity inspire confidence and set a high standard for excellence in Nigeria’s pension sector. We eagerly anticipate the transformative impact of your leadership as you navigate the challenges and opportunities ahead.

The impact of this leadership on nation-building is profound:

Mr Mairami’s visionary direction promises to align PENOP’s mission with national development goals, channelling pension funds into projects that contribute to economic growth, infrastructure development, and social welfare programs.

Effective leadership will foster collaboration with stakeholders to influence policies and initiatives that promote a sustainable and inclusive pension system, benefiting both current and future generations of Nigerians.

A dynamic leadership team can drive innovation within PENOP, leveraging technology and best practices to enhance the efficiency, transparency, and accessibility of pension services, thus promoting financial inclusion and economic empowerment.

Leadership’s commitment to raising awareness about pension planning and financial literacy will empower individuals to make informed decisions, leading to greater economic security and resilience among retirees and their families.

Upholding high ethical standards and governance practices is crucial for building trust and credibility within the pension industry, ensuring the proper management and safeguarding of retirement funds.

PENOP’s leadership can advocate for policies that support long-term investment, market stability, and pension reform, contributing to a conducive environment for economic growth and prosperity.

Investing in the development of human capital will build a skilled workforce capable of managing complex pension funds and adapting to evolving market dynamics, thereby enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of pension operations.

TEXEM’s founder, Dr Alim Abubakre, said:
”In the strategic leadership journey, we honour those who tirelessly pursue knowledge, uphold integrity, and champion progress. Congratulations to the distinguished executives of PENOP, whose commitment to continuous learning and excellence serves as a beacon of inspiration. As you embark on this transformative journey, may your vision illuminate pathways to prosperity and your actions shape a future of inclusivity and resilience for Nigeria’s pension sector.”

In conclusion, vibrant and strategic leadership within PENOP is instrumental in driving sustainable growth, fostering social impact, and advancing the development agenda of Nigeria’s pension sector. By aligning with national priorities, engaging stakeholders, embracing innovation, and upholding ethical standards, PENOP can significantly contribute to nation-building efforts and promote inclusive socioeconomic development.