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Olaf Scholz to succeed Angela Merkel as German chancellor

Olaf Scholz is set to succeed Angel Merkel as the new German chancellor after getting an unprecedented alliance that aims to revamp the country’s economy.

The country will have a centre-left government led by Scholz, a Social Democrat, who will replace the long-time centre-right government.

Germany’s next government under Olaf Scholz as chancellor is taking on more defined contours. The 68-year-old Hamburg-born is gathering momentum to revive Germany’s economy by tackling climate change and promoting digital technologies.

The social democrats Scholz’s party, after months of negotiations, said they will present their agreement with the Greens, and pro- business-free democrats on Wednesday, November 24, 2021.

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Details of the coalition agreement will be made public after Scholz and the leaders of the other two party’s news conference in Berlin, the German capital by 3 pm.

The alliance won a majority in Germany’s lower house of parliament that is expected to swear in the new government in early December after the members of the parties endorse the coalition accord.

The government will have little time to settle into action with many challenges waiting. Germany’s COVID-19 outbreak is surging out of control, geopolitical tensions are escalating over Russia’s military build-up on its border with Ukraine, and the European Union is battling with the fallout from Brexit and disputes on its eastern flank.

Scholz and the Social Democrats have penciled down Christian Lindner, the head of the pro-business free democrats for the post of the finance minister, and Robert Habeck, co-leader of the Greens — would become a “super minister” in charge of the economy, climate protection, and energy transition.

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