• Monday, April 15, 2024
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Nigerians react as truck loaded with food items suspected to belong to Dangote get attacked

Nigeria’s ranking in global hunger index unchanged

Nigerians have been reacting to a video showing a group of hungry individuals in the northern part of the country attacking a truck owned by the Dangote Group, which was loaded with hundreds of bags suspected to contain food or grains.


The video circulated on X (previously Twitter), has garnered over 100 retweets and sparked over a hundred comments, highlighting the severe economic conditions in the country.

This underscores the alarming reality where access to even a single square meal per day is becoming increasingly unattainable for millions of people.

Emperor Ik, posting the video on his X page, expressed profound shock at the severity of hunger in the northern region of the country.

He wrote, “A trailer loaded with food looted It has finally come to this. This is no longer a joking matter This is a time for serious measures.”

Reacting to @Officialikenna comment, Greatness Esan man @greatness0220 warned that those in government should do something quickly before the situation get out of hand. He wrote, “ They would soon start breaking into people’s shops in broad daylight. We are losing our sanity gradually.”

Meanwhile, investigative journalist David Hundeyin (@DavidHundeyin) cautioned that the nation was swiftly descending into anarchy, where the desperate need to survive might drive Nigerians to resort to lawlessness simply to secure their lives.

He wrote on his X page, “Habibi, this is not “indispline.” What is in front of your eyes is a society crumbling into anarchy in the most basic of ways – physical hunger and desperation leading to disregard for the buying and selling mechanism. People are physically “eating the rich.” Fun…”

DaddyMo @the realdaddymo1 responding to Hundeyin’s comment over the video shared an old video of Senator Dino Melaye warning of the possibility of a time where the poor and hungry will feast on the rich to survive.

He tweeted, “A time will come when the poor will have nothing to eat but the rich” – Senator Dino Melaye. Don’t shoot the messenger. He spoke facts and now it’s going to start…”

The majority of responses have strongly urged the government to expedite action and implement policies to address this situation before the nation descends into anarchy.