• Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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Nigerian faces additional charges for resisting deportation at Kenyan airport

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A Nigerian in Kenya has been detained for resisting deportation back to Nigeria after being charged with cyber crimes and illegal residence in the country.

Dolapo James Adepoju, who was to be sent back to Nigeria on Sunday, caused a fracas at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Nairobi as immigration officials prepared to deport him, following his two weeks in custody.

Police intervened and detained Adepoju for causing a disturbance.

Pleading his case, Adepoju accused the government of invading his rights and harassing him, claiming that his house was searched on March 19.

He also accused the Nigerian Embassy in Kenya of manipulating and using a man identified as Celestine to haunt successful Nigerians in the country.

Immigration officials said that Adepoju was an illegal immigrant in Kenya, and has been caught in crimes related to cyber fraud, alongside many other illegals and drug traffickers who had been rejected from Kenya, declared persona non grata, but managed to sneak back in.

“Some of the criminals had been involved in credit card fraud and sale of drugs within Nairobi’s estates, while others were arrested in possession of forged documents, fake passports and fake dollars,” the document by the Immigration officials read.

Just last week, the Kenyan government announced that atleast seven Nigerians were deported in late 2023 over involvement in drug trafficking, money laundering and online fraud. The offenders were caught with $1 million in counterfeit bills including fake Nigerian passports and Kenyan passports.

Adepoju is expected to appear in court on Monday pending his deportation, and could face additional charges.