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Nigeria-Britain Association annual lecture advocates leadership role in national prosperity

Nigeria-Britain Association annual lecture advocates leadership role in national prosperity

The Nigeria-Britain Association (N-BA) has held its 2023 annual lecture advocating leadership role in national prosperity.

The lecture with the themed ‘Strategic Leadership for Economic Growth and Development,’ was held in partnership with NEM Insurance Plc, Scib Nigeria & Company, AIICO Insurance Plc, Tangerine General Insurance and Tangerine Life Insurance.

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It provided a platform for insightful discussions and analyses on the importance of fostering innovation, policy implementation, collaboration, partnerships, and other crucial elements essential for national progress.

Setting the tone for the occasion, the President of the Nigeria-Britain Association, Sola Oyetayo, in an introductory speech, said that the event aimed to provide a deeper understanding of the vital role played by public-private partnerships within the leadership, followership, and implementation framework, specifically as it pertains to Nigeria and the United Kingdom.

In a keynote address, the Managing Partner at Verraki Partners and Chairman of the Nigerian Economic Summit Group (NESG), Niyi Yusuf, highlighted the intrinsic link between productivity and national prosperity, emphasising that a prosperous country hinges on the well-being of its citizens.

Yusuf also addressed major developmental hurdles and the opportunities for inclusive development.

The event panellists included Special Adviser to the Nigerian President on Economic Affairs, Tope Fasua; Managing Director of Azura Power West Africa Ltd, Edu Okeke; Co-founder and President of CSR-in-Action, Bekeme Masade-Olowola; Director, Policy and Partnerships Africa at New Globe, Kunbi Wuraola, while the panel session was moderated by the Founder/Chairman of Proshare, Olufemi M. Awoyemi.

At the heart of the panel discussion was the exploration of the indispensable role of forward-thinking leadership in propelling economic advancement.

The responsibilities and expectations inherent in leadership concerning a nation’s growth came under scrutiny as panellists dissected the intricate relationship between leadership, policy formulation, execution, the establishment of strategic collaborations, and their profound impact on a nation’s economic progression and overall societal development, while also exploring the influence of religion, education, and individual beliefs on economic progress.

In attendance were high-net-worth individuals from Nigeria and the United Kingdom, including the Lagos State Commissioner for Wealth Creation and Employment, Akinyemi Bankole Ajigbotafe, who emphasised the readiness of the Lagos State Government to ensure the economic development of the state and the progress of its people.

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The N-BA is a nonprofit organisation dedicated to developing relationships between individuals, organisations and institutions from Nigeria, Britain and the Commonwealth resident in Nigeria.

The organisation comprises corporate and individual members drawn from the business, professional, diplomatic, government and social communities, who work together to seek the common good, bring mutual benefit to all members, and encourage closer working cooperation between Nigeria and Britain.