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Meet Olabode Ojo, Unilag first-class graduate with perfect CGPA of 5.00/5.00

Meet Olabode Ojo, Unilag first-class graduate with perfect CGPA of 5.00/5.00

Olabode Johnson OJO, a first-class student, emerged as one of the seven exceptional graduates who completed their Master of Science (MSc) degrees at the University of Lagos (Unilag) with a flawless CGPA of 5.00/5.00. In recognition of his remarkable achievement, Ojo was honoured as the Best Graduating Student (MSc) in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering during the 54th Convocation Ceremonies held recently at Unilag.

Ojo’s exceptional accomplishment has garnered widespread attention, and he recently shared insights into his study methods, time management, and motivation for success in an exclusive interview.

Olabode Ojo, reflecting on his study approach, said, “The most important habit that helped and still helps me is that ‘I don’t read with my head but I study with my heart.’ Such that when there are no books in sight, I engage my mind meditating on things I’ve read, and in that process, a lot of questions that need answers are raised in my heart, and in some cases, new discoveries are found in providing answers to things I’ve known.”

“Another habit that helped is employing the power of consistency. I’m such a person that would always choose consistency over intensity,” he told BusinessDay. “I studied consistently for two hours daily, apart from the time used for assignments and other academic demands. I’m not the type that would normally study for very long hours. I’ve done that in the past, and it didn’t produce the desired result.”

When questioned about balancing academic commitments with personal responsibilities, Ojo emphasised the importance of good time management, determination, and discipline. He shared, “Discipline is doing what is necessary and not what is convenient.”

Olabode Ojo, who is also the resident pastor and youth pastor of ‘The End Time Overcomers’ gospel church, Agege, attributed his success to effective time management when integrating spiritual responsibilities with academic pursuits.

Despite facing challenges such as Lagos traffic and the need to conduct some project tests outside Lagos, Ojo persevered with determination. He called on Unilag alumni to contribute to the university’s laboratories to facilitate better learning opportunities for future students.

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Furthermore, Ojo’s unwavering motivation throughout his studies was fueled by his desire to make a difference and his commitment to the words of one of his undergraduate professors, Professor John Ade Ajayi, who said, “It is either the best or nothing” and “If you want to build high, then you have to dig deep.”

While Olabode did not set out with the specific goal of achieving a perfect CGPA, he aimed for the best possible grades and was delighted with the outcome.

When asked about maintaining a work-life balance, Ojo said he doesn’t live life under pressure and knows when to unwind. He firmly believes that his two-hour study rule is sufficient.

Looking ahead, he expressed his aspirations to secure a fully funded scholarship or work with multinational organizations where he can demonstrate his commitment to excellence.

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Offering advice to Nigerian students striving for academic success, the first class graduate mentioned determination, discipline, consistency and diligence as requirements for academic excellence. “Education is not a scam, consistency is much needed on this path,” he said. “Like it’s being said the difference between ‘Here’ and ‘There’ is the ‘T’ which stands for Time.Time is a revealer. It is an asset .Just like every other asset, it can be spent, invested or wasted.

In conclusion, Ojo highlighted the rewarding and profitable aspects of education, noting that his achievements had garnered recognition from prominent individuals and institutions showcasing the value of dedication and hard work in the pursuit of excellence.

“I was surprised when I received a call from Cyril Fasuyi, senator representing Ekiti North Senatorial District, and Prince Michael Ogungbemi, the council chairman of my LCDA in Ekiti. A lot of people also reached out especially from the academics twitter and many others I can’t mention,” he said.