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Liberty Assured wins Emerging Innovative Digital Lending Company of the Year

Liberty Assured Limited, Nigeria’s pioneer leader in digital lending, was on Sunday awarded the Emerging Innovative Digital Lending Company of the Year 2021 in recognition of its dependable and excellent digital lending services.

The award comes barely a month after Liberty Assured was awarded Outstanding Digital Lending Company of the Year 2021 by Marketing Edge, Nigeria’s leading marketing and advertising publication.

According to Global Excellence Communications, which gave the award, Liberty Assured Limited was given this award as a reward for its strategic contributions to the social and economic development of Nigeria.

Oritsetinmeyin Igbene, chief executive officer, Liberty Assured Limited, said in his award acceptance speech that the award buttresses the dynamic effect of the investment seed of innovation in the business, adding that the organization is driven by ethics and service-oriented technologies.

“Liberty Assured is a core digital lending service-oriented company that consistently presents unique product insights driven by effective product customization. Our consumer integration solutions no doubt have a great positive compelling effect,” Igbene said in a statement.

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“This award is indeed a mileage that brings tremendous joy to me on the driver’s seat, the entire management team, and all staff in general. Our success has been geared towards idea development, digital extension services, and business infrastructure. We certainly appreciate the award organizers for the acknowledgement and recognition of our corporate innovation,” he said.

Liberty Assured is in the race of empowering trade and investment within the Small Medium Enterprise (SME) and Micro SME sector in Nigeria. The company uses uncommon and superior business leadership strategies to fast-track financial delivery in the Nigeria financial industry, Africa’s largest market. The company’s flagship products include instant loans in 5mins, deployment of digital underwriting, and digital collection tool.

The company launched the first industry Artificial Intelligence Predictive Analysis/Credit Scoring Model. As a leading digital lending firm, it uses its Mobile App and Web App collection solution to enhance customer delivery services.

The company’s high performing range of products include Liberty Pay, a core digital lending product that caters to the financial needs of public servants in States and Federal Government parastatals across the country; and Liberty Cred – Mobile App, a loan product that provides mobile access of the Liberty Nano loan offering and is accessible to Liberty Assured customers across the country.

Others are Liberty Rebirth, a business solutions and enhancement business process that helps drive business growth within the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises sector and avail loan offering up to N500,000 to help Micro SMEs with working capital to remain in business as an integral part of the economy; and Liberty Bridge, a product that is designed to fill the business financial and mass inclusion gap within the market men/women.

Speaking on the core of the business, Igbene, who also serves as the Finance & Audit Board Committee Chairman, said by virtue of the company’s business model, investors are guaranteed high returns on investment (ROI), while also encouraging investors to key in.

“As a forward-moving digital lending firm, our mantra is a combination of digital innovation in financial services. We are fast building a consumer culture and building a dependable brand that maximizes value for all our stakeholders. Our strategy team has developed a transitional strategy model that ensures effective strategy execution for seamless service delivery,” he said.

Yetunde Saba, the company’s executive director, who serves on the Board as Committee Chairman for Human Capital and Corporate Social Responsibility, said in an interview that the firm has charted a business leveraging solution that ensures that the company’s digitization wholesale strategy synchronizes with the needs of the future customers.

She said the recent cutting-edge innovation of digital lending sprang from the COVID-19 era after observing the gaps in the marketplace and that the company developed a safer market strategy that secures both investor and clients’ funds.

“We are open for business. Our investment solutions are fuelled by bringing comfort to people and businesses by driving change in the marketplace. Liberty Assured products are dynamic but flexible. We are happy to be a Trade Hub in Nigeria, standing as a dependable ally. When I look back, I can give credit to a management team driven by tenacity, resilience, creativity, integrity, and ingenuity of our workforce,” the executive director said.

As a way to mark Nigeria’s 61st anniversary, the executive director said the company has planned the big launch of its world-class product, Whisper SMS.

“We encourage the general public to log on to Whisper SMS to join the event,” she said.

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