Lagos to London global learning curriculum to equip students for life after school

The Lagos to London curriculum is designed to prepare students for life, work and navigating an interconnected and global society; Demilade Oluwasina, founder of, Learning Design partners on the Lagos to London Curriculum, has said.

Oluwasina further said that the book was a rich body of work, packed with loads of personal and professional growth insights.

“It was great to collaborate with the Author to help transform those insights into practical application through Experiential Learning Design,” Oluwasina said.

The Lagos to London curriculum aims to equip students with the knowledge, skills, connections, ethical values, cultural awareness, and decision-making abilities necessary to take charge of their lives.

British International Schools is the first school in Nigeria to pilot the curriculum that started on Monday 25th of April 2022.

“The British International School is very happy to be involved in this pilot because we understand that our students need to be prepared for life after school, and we believe that the themes brought forward from this book Lagos to London resonate with what our students will be going through,” Kevin Donnelly, principal of the British International School, said.

The Lagos to London curriculum aims to prepare them to take control of their lives by teaching them how to do so.

British International School
Students engaged in one of the learning design activities
British International School
Students engaged in one of the learning design activities

The curriculum is based on the lessons shared in Lola Aworanti-Ekugo’s novel, Lagos to London, and it aims to provide learners with the mindset and skills necessary for success as self-starting individuals capable of leading themselves, engaging with others, and using these as a means to build their life.

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Lola’s novel depicts the experiences of young Nigerians from various backgrounds, some of whom live in Nigeria and others who study abroad, and who face a variety of life challenges.

Learners will engage in a variety of learning design activities, such as scenario-based learning, guided discussions, and experiential activities.

These active learning approaches will result in greater long-term recall, synthesis, and problem-solving abilities than passive learning methods such as hearing, reading, or watching. They address the need to shift from a learning-by-telling to a learning-by-doing model.

According to Lola, the course currently consists of six lessons covering various topics such as self-discovery and your personal mission, developing and overcoming setbacks, strengthening your decision-making skills, developing cultural awareness, building impactful relationships and networks, connecting with your community and environment, and a presentation.

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