• Monday, April 22, 2024
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Keyamo’s next move sparks debate on priorities

Festus Keyamo, Minister of aviation recently announced via his X account, a social media platform, the ministry’s proactive measures aimed at bolstering passenger safety. Keyamo underscored the ongoing commitment to elevating safety protocols and advancing navigational aids across airports, particularly through the adoption of state-of-the-art equipment.

“In our continuous endeavour to enhance passenger safety and modernise navigational aids at our airports, earlier this week, the managing director of the Nigerian Airspace Management Agency, Mallam Farouk Ahmed Umar, accompanied me on a visit to Lichtenau, a town near Strasbourg,” Keyamo said. “Here, we had the privilege of witnessing a presentation showcasing one of the latest advancements in navigational aids, specifically tailored for measurements and calibrations, known as NavAidedrone.”

However, the minister’s initiative sparked a lively discussion among Nigerians on social media. One user, Ugo, questioned the necessity of chartering a flight for the visit, suggesting that it could have been conducted virtually. “Is it because of this that you chartered a flight? Couldn’t the presentation be conducted via a virtual team or Zoom?” Ugo queried, expressing concerns over the expenses incurred.

Similarly, Nwa Chinedu stressed the significance of addressing fundamental issues at airports, such as cleanliness and security, before delving into advanced technological investments.

“It’s commendable, but let’s prioritise simpler matters like maintaining clean toilets and removing beggars who hassle travellers with tissues and soap. We need to rid the airport of touts and ensure cleanliness,” urged Nwa Chinedu.

Another critic on X, Kris, advocated for prioritising the maintenance of airport facilities over extravagant trips.

Meanwhile, Oluwatosin raised pertinent questions regarding budget allocation, seeking clarity on how the ministry intends to enhance operational efficiency following expenditures on tourism. “After utilising budgetary allocations for tourism, how do you plan to improve the operational efficiency of your ministry?” Oluwatosin inquired.

Joseph echoed similar sentiments, urging the minister to focus on tangible outcomes rather than mere photo opportunities. “Instead of gallivanting and snapping pictures, we await the actual impact of these tours,” remarked Joseph, emphasising the necessity for concrete actions to address aviation challenges.

Keyamo’s announcement signifies a pivotal step towards bolstering safety measures within Nigeria’s aviation sector. While the initiative has garnered commendation for its commitment to innovation, it has also prompted valuable discussions regarding resource allocation and prioritisation within the ministry.