• Tuesday, October 03, 2023
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Kenyatta to Tinubu: You lose nothing by reaching out to opposition

President Uhuru Kenyatta

Uhuru Kenyatta, former president of Kenya and guest speaker at the inauguration lecture held Saturday has urged Bola Tinubu, the incoming Nigerian president to learn very quickly to lead those who love him and those who loath him with deeper passion and commitments because he is now the father of all.

The Kenyan leader also charged the incoming administration on the need for magnanimity in victory, urging him to strengthen national unity and inclusiveness, using his government.

“ Remember that your victory is not just about numbers, as western democracies will have us to believe, the real victory will be how you reach out to all the voices in Nigeria, and how every Nigerian, from Katsina in the north, to Port Harcourt in the south, to the Yorubas in the west and Anambra in the east, how they will all feel included in your victory and see your government as their government, your agenda as their agenda, one Nigeria, one government for all,” Kenyatta said.

The guest speaker also reminded the incoming Tinubu administration that the contest is now over and the work of building a prosperous and unified Nigeria, now beings.

“Upon assuming the office of the President, you will be wise to transcend from the tactical politics of an election to assume your role as Nigeria’s vision bearer,” he said.

“ This will demand the complete overhaul of mindset politicians are conditioned to embrace during the election process.

“As President, you must learn very quickly to lead those who love you and those who loath you with deeper passion and commitments because you are now the father of all.”

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The fourth president of Kenya who ruled from 2013 to 2022 encouraged Tinubu to become the symbol of national unity.

“As you take command of the nation armed forces, you become the embodiment of the sum total if the different groups, you become the symbol of national unity of Nigeria,” he said.

Kenyatta also advised the incoming government on the need to surround itself with the voices of those who will counter balance the hardliners that feel entitled to the piece of the office.

“You will lose nothing and gain everything, by reaching out across the political, ethnic and religious lines, to those who nay feel aggrieved by your victory in one way or the other, please allow them to experience and be part of your vision for greater Nigeria,” he noted.

“It is my hope and my prayers that the lessons from across the continent will give you the resolve to work the difficult path in overcoming those three elements of negative ethnicity, religious discrimination and corruption.

“ As a fellow African, I look forward to a Nigeria that emerged from this transition, ready to fight for its rightful position on the global stage, with both hands.”

While also speaking at the event, Muhammadu Buhari, outgoing president of the country noted that true democracy thrives where the voice of the citizens are heard, valued and represented regardless of their background or social status.

He noted that the underlying philosophy of the lecture is the fact that the nation’s progress rests in unity, inclusivity and shared responsibility.

“We have acknowledged that the task of nation building is an inclusive one which transcend political affiliations and personal interest,” Buhari said.

He therefore, charged the incoming administration to ensure that no Nigerian is left behind.

President Buhari while noting that lessons from the lecture go beyond academic exercise, assured that as he prepares to hand over, to Tinubu, there is a sense of hope based on the capacity of the incoming president, to deliver on the assignments given to him, by Nigerians.

“We must heed the lessons of this lecture and translate them into concrete actions, continue to prioritize the welfare of our citizens providing them with quality educations and sustainable livelihoods,” Buhari said.

“We must fight corruption in all its form ensure accountability, but above all, we must be United.

“Our diversity is our strength, there must be understanding and respect to overcome our differences.”