• Monday, December 04, 2023
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Israeli Ambassador assures Nigerians of their safety

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The Israeli Ambassador to Nigeria, Michael Freeman, has provided assurance that Nigerians and residents of other nations living in Israel are secure amid the Israeli Defence Forces’ operations against Hamas terrorists.

Freeman conveyed this message during a media briefing held in Abuja, the capital of Nigeria, on Tuesday.

He strongly emphasised that there was no valid justification for the horrifying attack carried out by Hamas on civilians last Saturday.

He stated that the Israeli forces are determined to eradicate Hamas to prevent any potential recurrence of such attacks, not only in Israel but in any other country as well.

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Freeman remarked, “Our aim is to ensure that Hamas is eliminated, thereby safeguarding Israel and other nations.”

Addressing concerns about the safety of Nigerians in Israel, Freeman assured, “Everyone is safe in Israel. Nigerians are safe. We will do everything we can to avoid civilian casualties. But the civilians will get killed, we should be prepared for that.”

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In condemning Hamas’s actions, the ambassador firmly asserted, “There is no justification for Hamas to attack. They have no right to hold children and women.”

He also pointed out the concerning fact that Hamas’s primary headquarters are located beneath a hospital in Gaza. Freeman stressed that their primary focus is on ensuring the safety of everyone, and their strategy for achieving this goal is the elimination of Hamas.

In the midst of these challenging times, the Israeli Ambassador’s message underscores the commitment to protecting innocent lives and maintaining the safety of all individuals, including Nigerians, living in Israel.