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Investment Fund to give economic, political power to Oyo Youths

The founder of Ojo Ola Oyo, a youth development movement, Kehinde Olaosebikan has thrown his weight behind the establishment of Nigerian Youth Investment Fund (NYIF) just approved by President Muhammadu Buhari

Olaosebikan says it would bring the best out of Nigerian youths; solve youth unemployment, and promote positive engagement of the youths, culminating in the realization of the much-desired generational change in the economic and political leadership of Nigeria, in no time.

He said the actualization of the Fund initiated by the Minister of Sports and Youth Development  Sunday Dare at this critical moment confirmed that Nigeria has finally got the right person to run the affairs of her youths.

Speaking with journalists at the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) Press Centre, Iyaganku, Ibadan, Friday, Olaosebikan stated that the Youth Bank first of its kind in the history of Nigeria was the impetus the youths required to unleash their potentials in the development of the various aspects of the country and excel among their peers globally.

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According to him: “approval for the establishment of the Fund is very heartwarming. It is the finest development coming from Abuja of late.

“The Fund, akin to a youth bank is what the ever ingenious, innovative, resilient, and hardworking Nigerian youths need to unleash their talents, skills, and energies in the development of themselves in various professions, vocations, sports, and politics locally and across the globe.

“What has been lacking in youth development in Nigeria had been adequate inspiring leadership, apposite environment, and funds for investment in ideas, skills, and research.

“The NYIF would bring out the best in them and lead to huge revolutions in virtually all facets of life.

“It is capable of fetching out the Mark Zuckerberg (Founder of Facebook at 19), the Mathew Mulleweng (Founder of World Press at 25), the Catherine Cook (Creator of MyYear Book at 15), the David Karp ( Creator of Yahoo at 21), the Sean Belnick ( Founder of Bizchair at 14) and the Emmanuel Macron who became French President at the age of 40, of Nigeria, in no time.”

At the Media Parley moderated by the Chairman of the Nigeria Union of Journalists, Oyo State Council,  Ademola Babalola; Olaosebikan described  Sunday Dare as a unique asset of the present administration stressing that he was “particularly impressed that Dare has remained totally dedicated, committed and focused on the assignment entrusted to him by President Muhammadu Buhari, adding real value to the government as against the unbridled reports of sleaze and unwarranted dramas emitting from the seat of power.

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“In a rear display of commitment, dedication, competence and brilliance in the discharge of duty, Mr. Dare changed the not too palatable narrative in the Nigerian scene as the youths have already gone frenzy with the news of the establishment of the fund akin to a development bank exclusively for them.”

With the assurance given by the Minister that the Fund would be effectively and efficiently utilized exclusively for the youths, Olaosebikan urged young Nigerians to further sharpen their skills and start putting all the necessary papers and documents together preparatory to the take-off of the Fund.

“This is the time to get set for the Fund. I know many of our youths are with bankable ideas, talents, skills, and proposals. It is however of utmost importance to get all the necessary papers and documents ready now as the world belongs to those than plan for it now”,  Olaosebikan added.

While announcing the approval of the N75 Billion Fund, the Minister of Sports and Youth Development, Sunday Dare had explained that the Fund would serve as “a sort of Youth Bank that will fund and support the innovative ideas, skills, talents, and enterprise of Nigerian youths.

This is the first of its kind by any Nigerian government. President Muhammadu Buhari has demonstrated his unflinching support for the youth and his implicit confidence in their innovative talents, potentials, and industry”.

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