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INTELS pledges readiness to dialogue with NPA

INTELS Nigeria Limited, Nigeria’s oil and gas logistics giant has pledged readiness to enter into a constructive dialogue with the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) in order to reduce the indebtedness accrued up to now.

INTELS, which stated in a statement published on national dailies on Tuesday, said the attacks do not reflect the truth about its operations, and with the support of the banking system, it would be necessary to re-establish a climate of serenity and dialogue with the Authority, which has been interrupted.

The company, which stated that it has endured series of political attacks in recent times, said it has a long history with the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA), which began in 1982 and has substantially contributed to the increase in government revenue.

“INTELS has made a significant contribution to capitalising the NPA by establishing an agreed mechanism for debt repayment through part of the proceeds from pilotage. It should be remembered that a substantial part of the proceeds of the pilotage activity, managed by INTELS in its role as agent, then flow into the NPA coffers via the accounts indicated by the NPA, according to a mutually supportive mechanism tested and hitherto working smoothly,” it stated.

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The company further said it has by itself and in conjunction with its affiliates, built and developed over 7km of equipped docks in different Nigerian ports, including Onne, Calabar, Warri and Lagos, more than 6 million square metres of industrial facilities and over 2,000 housing units.

“Through its substantial investments over the years, INTELS has played an indispensable role in facilitating and enhancing the operational activities of major oil companies in Nigeria, providing them with invaluable services and facilities based on efficiency and productivity,” says the management in the publication.

Listing the advantages of its investment in Nigeria, the company said in the development of its business, it has always favoured extensive use of local suppliers and manpower, thus contributing to the country’s economic well-being as well as the local economy.

“INTELS activities have created employment for over 10,000 personnel, including direct and indirect employees of third parties, utilising less than 100 expatriate staff members. It periodically allocates resources to support widespread community projects by initiating the development of new entrepreneurial initiatives, promoting sports activities aimed at young people and implementing structural assistance, including nonroutine maintenance where required,” the management further stated.
According to the statement, INTELS has made a significant contribution to the creation of the largest free zone in the world dedicated to oil and gas-related activities. It said despite the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on its operations, it has never interrupted its activities, “thereby guaranteeing the continuity of the service provided to all oil and gas companies.

INTELS, however, stated that it has also made major real estate investments in Lagos worth over $1 billion in addition to building two COVID-19 clinics in Onne, Rivers State.

“Despite our huge contribution to the Nigerian economy running into billions of dollars and creation of thousands of direct and indirect jobs, some political interests have orchestrated and sustained coordinated media attacks on our operations,” the company claimed.

“In recent months INTELS has implemented a new governance structure that has enabled it to include among its partners’ institutional stakeholders capable of strengthening the company’s entrepreneurial profile and eliminating any political influence,” the company added.

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