• Saturday, December 02, 2023
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Information Technology firm COURE Software to commence open banking services

Information Technology firm COURE Software to commence open banking services

Information technology firm, COURE Software and Systems Limited says it will be adding open banking services to its range of technology services in alignment with the Central Bank’s Open Banking Initiative as it marks its 25th anniversary.

“The Open Banking platform offers financial data owners the opportunity to monetize their data by making it available to third-party financial services securely and efficiently via APIs,” Onwudiwe said.

Uche Onwudiwe, CEO of COURE Software and Systems Limited also said the firm’s 2023 roll-out plan includes expansion to key regions within the continent with a focus on Ghana, Uganda and South Africa.

Onwudiwe, while speaking on their strides in many critical sectors said, “COURE has established key partnerships in the telecommunication, banking, fintech, payments, and public sector spaces.

“Through our platforms, we are able to aggregate various types of data, analyse the data, and create services that provide value to these organisations and generate revenue for them. This makes us an enabler of fintech firms as opposed to being one ourselves,” he said.

He noted that the firm has partnered with some banks to pilot the solution and is excited about the ease and convenience that customers will enjoy when they use applications that leverage these services.

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“Our partnership with data owners and access to large volumes of diversified data along with our processing capacity and intelligent algorithms enable us to apply real-time analytics to data that is being searched against and provide information to businesses to aid their decision-making,” Onwudiwe said.

COURE Software & Systems Limited will be marking 25 years of existence. The IT firm has spent 15 years deploying IT solutions and services in Nigeria and other African countries.

“It has been an exciting 25-year journey of change and transformation. Our flagship solutions, ANQ and HUB, have been enabling the telecom, fintech, banking, and various other sectors to increase their value to their customers,” Onwudiwe stated.

Onwudiwe described the company as a platform services provider with a focus on the provision of accurate, secure, and relevant data to improve its clients’ business processes and operations.

He said the company started out in the US in 1998 at a time when the internet and modern technology as we know it were taking off.

“At that time, we were focused on networking and physical systems integration,” Onwudiwe said. “Over the years, the shifts in technology and the need to be scalable beyond billing for individual man hours caused us to migrate our technology services first to web and application development.”

Afterward, the firm migrated technology services to what it currently provides today which are platforms that leverage standardised and aggregated data to enable and enhance the operational efficiency of their clients.

Speaking on the challenges faced by IT organisations, Onwudiwe said there are losses of talented IT resources across the sector.

“Due to the insecurity and economic hardships in the country, the technology sector has experienced a loss of talent, many of whom have fled the country in search of supposedly greener pastures,” he said.

Onwudiwe said this has made it crucial for COURE to implement a proactive recruitment and talent retention strategy to prevent the negative effects of this trend from affecting its business.