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‘Improved trafic flow will translate to better economic output for residents, busiesses’

In the belief that improvement in traffic flow and reduction in travel time will translate to increased productivity and better economic output for the residents and businesses, the Lagos government has strengthened the operations Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) with additional 10,17 newly recruited officers.

At the induction of the new officers on Wednesday, the state governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, said part of the strategies to realise his administration’s traffic and transportation blueprint is to continuously scale up the capability of LASTMA to discharge its mandate, just as he tasked them to shun corrupt practices.

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“Based on the responsibility you have accepted to do on behalf of the state government, I want you all to be best crop of traffic officers in history of LASTMA. You have been trained and prepared to be the new face of LASTMA that will help my administration to realise its transportation and traffic management programmes,” said Sanwo-Olu.

The governor restated commitment to boost the resourcefulness of LASTMA personnel at all levels, recalling that his administration in 2019 doubled welfare packages of the officers to motivate them for optimised performance, as the agency continues to expand in scope and operations.

“The Lagos State Traffic Management Authority was established 20 years ago to tackle traffic congestion and ensure hitch-free flow of traffic on our roads. Since inception, so much has happened and Lagos has grown in leaps and bounds. Human and vehicular population has increased tremendously.

“In managing this growth, activities of LASTMA have been a constant feature on the landscape, adapting and evolving to contain the increasing challenges of traffic management across the state. The leadership of LASTMA has invested hard work and resourcefulness over the years in implementing the founding vision of the agency for the development of Lagos.

“Therefore, I congratulate all the 1,017 graduating cadets for successfully undergoing the rigorous training which has been designed to put them in the physical, mental and psychological state required for the job. Your recruitment must been seen as an opportunity to serve and contribute to the economic development of Lagos, because of the importance of your daily responsibilities to the economic productivity and prosperity of the state,” he said.

The governor at the occasion reiterated his administration’s policy of zero tolerance for indolence among the officers, urging them not to leave room for the public to doubt their honest, integrity and commitment to efficient traffic management.

“Our administration remains intolerant to corrupt practices and harassment of law-abiding residents of the state. As you have been commissioned today as traffic management officers, you have become public servants and you must steer clear of corruption, which is not limited to extortion or financial malfeasance. Indiscipline, abuse of office, or harassment of citizens will be frowned upon, and necessary and decisive action will be taken against any and all defaulters.”

The general manager of LASTMA, Olajide Oduyoye, who said Sanwo-Olu made history by becoming the first governor to attend induction of new officers, also charged the new officers to be diligent in the discharge of their responsibility. He reminded them that Lagosians expected more from them.

He said: “You are putting on uniforms of respect and dignity, but with large responsibilities for you to deliver. You must work assiduously to ease traffic flow and your conduct must not bring disorderliness at your areas of duty.”


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