• Friday, June 21, 2024
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Importers of used cars with trim features may pay extra charges

Importers of used cars with trim features may pay extra charges

…as Customs unveils new clearing procedure

Imported used cars with trim levels are now to be subjected to further valuation by the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS), a development that may attract extra charges, going forward.

Trim levels define varying configurations, features, and levels of equipment associated with the model. They are used by car manufacturers to identify a vehicle’s level of equipment or special features.

Trim levels help to identify distinct versions or tiers within a specific car model. They also offer diverse technological advancements, interior and exterior features, and, occasionally, distinct engine options in a particular model of car.

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Abdullahi Maiwada, national public relations officer, said that in addition to passing through the VIN valuation process, cars with trim levels must be thoroughly examined at the valuation seat to ensure fairness and accuracy.

According to him, car models with trim features such as Base, Sport, Luxury, Limited, and Premium can present differing combinations of attributes, such as premium leather seats, advanced infotainment systems, upgraded wheels, and enhanced safety features, among others. He said such features result in an elevated value for the vehicle compared to the base model.

“To ensure fairness and accuracy, the NCS mandates that imported used vehicles with trim numbers undergo valuation at the Valuation Seat after a thorough examination. This process aims to establish the vehicle’s appropriate and precise Customs value,” Maiwada explained.

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“The VIN-Valuation process remains fully operational and effective,” he added.

Meanwhile, Customs Licensed Agents have condemned the directive on the basis that it will lead to the Service compromising the VIN valuation compliance procedure.

Babatunde Mukaila, sole administrator of the Association of Nigerian Licensed Customs Agents (ANLCA) National Secretariat, said the procedure will bring back the manual process of car valuation.