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I am living my dream as a beautician, says Faith Osayi

In a story on her published on in March 2020 titled ‘Faith Osayi is taking over hair business in Nigeria’, the CEO of Mudiz Hair spoke about how her love for quality hair influenced her decision to carve a niche for herself as a hair businesswoman.

Her love for hair, she said, inspired her brand, which she began at the university where she catered to the needs of her schoolmates and church members before moving to a physical store in Benin.

She has recently moved her business from Benin to Lagos.

Now the beautician and cosmetology expert says she is living her dream in becoming a beautician.

“I love cosmetics, so I have been into the business for years. My target is to build a brand with my company, Mudiz Hair, to be a global brand,” Osayi says.

Osayi, speaking on her foray into the beauty business, said while growing up, she had always loved to learn a skill so as to be skilful.

“When I see people use their hands or utilise their skills to make income, it motivates me,” she says.

Even though she says the brand hasn’t achieved the level of success she desires for it, she is hopeful that it will get there soon.

“We have gone past the local level or the local market. In order to get to where we are aiming at, we hope to sign more ambassadors to our company, just the way we signed James Brown, a crossdresser, to lead our brand promotions,” Osayi says.

Opinions have been divided over her company’s signing of James Brown as an ambassador, but she hopes that people would eventually understand.

“Since we were able to get him on our brand, there have been diverse opinions on why we signed James Brown. We’re hoping that in the end, people should be able to understand that others could choose their lives and live as it pleases them,” she says.

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