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How tech and insurance can provide better travel experiences for Nigerians

According to the famous traveller, Ibn Battuta, “travelling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller”. This intriguing experience is what makes travelling a uniquely human endeavour that keeps a person yearning to conquer every inch of the earth.

A few stories from road trips might not be all that palatable in Nigeria due to several socio-economic and infrastructural challenges. These challenges include bad roads, inadequate fleets of buses or trucks, and security issues in certain areas in the country.

According to the National Bureau of Statistics Nigeria, in 2020, 5,535 Nigerians got injured in road traffic crashes, with 855 losing their lives. Also, a total of 3,334 vehicles were involved in road traffic crashes in 2020, with an alarming 64% of the vehicle involved in these crashes being commercial. This data calls for an urgent response and solution.

Interestingly, organisations are working together to leverage technology and financial planning tools to manage these risks for travellers in Nigeria. This is where Leadway Assurance, Nigeria’s leading insurance provider and Transita, a mobility tech platform, came together through an extensive partnership to provide a comprehensive travel insurance package that helps to alleviate the traveller’s concerns. This edition of “Insuring Happiness” highlights why this partnership is a big deal and a must-have for every traveller.

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1. Transita provides a one-stop-shop for travel concerns

This tech solution serves as a central platform, alleviating all the concerns and worries of the traveller on every mode of transportation, be it rail, road, air, or water – all from one central location. The platform, which is in the form of an app, is suitable for intercity travellers to search for trips based on their preferences, compare prices, book their seats, and travel with peace of mind and guaranteed assurance that all their lives and belongings are well protected. An added advantage is that the app is suitable for both web and mobile use.

2. A robust transportation management solution

In Nigeria, like every economy, transportation is a fundamental part of daily activities as it forms the basis and focal point of all socio-economic exchanges. Thus, a sound transport system is essential to support economic growth and development. If businesses are aware of the best transportation decision to take, individuals would be in the best position to use their time wisely instead of being caught up in traffic. This solution would impact productivity and, in turn, affect the economy positively.

3. It is cost-effective and affords a wider coverage

Usually, most Nigerians’ current insurance package from transport companies has death, and permanent disability coverage pegged at NGN50,000, which is just N20,000 higher than Nigeria’s minimum wage of NGN30,000. With this partnership, Leadway takes it five-fold higher by providing an insurance package for its customers; with just an additional N300 to the fee paid for Transita’s service, you get an insurance cover which has a death and permanent disability coverage of NGN250,000 for Nigerians to ensure they can travel with peace of mind and assurance that the barest minimum compensation is high enough.

With this policy you can genuinely leave your worries behind as you go for this year’s summer vacation or favourite road trips and there is an that in the event of the unexpected, Leadway will provide the needed succour.

Renowned for being Nigeria’s unbeaten largest claims-paying insurer for the sixth consecutive year, Leadway Assurance’s financial stature guarantees its customers an assured peace of mind should the unforeseen happen.

To know more about this policy, please visit or access the Transit platform, visit or call the Leadway Assurance customer care helpline on 01-2800-700. You can also send an email to for professional advisory or request a call back by visiting

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