• Monday, December 11, 2023
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How positive reinforcement in children can improve ethical behaviour – Educator

How positive reinforcement in children can improve ethical behaviour – Educator

Children of this generation are faced with immense pressure from both social media and peer groups that ends as a distraction that impacts their ways of life in no small ways.

This growing trend, an education expert, believes can be tackled through the adoption of positive reinforcement that boosts the self-esteem of children, helps in confidence building and ethical behaviour.

Olufunmilayo Olajide, an elementary school educator at Greensprings School said positive reinforcement in children is significant because it is an essential strategy for managing children’s behaviour in preschool.

According to her, recognising and rewarding exceptional moral behaviour in children helps them to embrace ethical behaviour and grow into responsible adults.

Speaking at the ‘House Points Assembly’ programme organized at the Ikoyi campus of the school, Olajide said positive reinforcement plays a vital role in motivating children alongside encouraging positive behaviour.

She said the active identification and celebration of children who consistently demonstrate exceptional moral behaviour serves as an inspiration for other students to emulate.

Recognising the outstanding behaviour of students from different class categories, she recommended that educational institutions should move beyond focusing solely on academics and invest in developing moral values in children through positive reinforcement.

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She said Greensprings is committed to fostering character development alongside academic excellence.

“At Greensprings School, our mission is to shape well-rounded individuals who possess strong character. We prioritise character development by instilling values such as honesty, integrity, respect, perseverance, accuracy, and good behaviour in our students. Those students who embody these values are consistently celebrated, and this positive reinforcement approach has made our school an environment that nurtures students to become responsible global citizens,” she added.

Greensprings School was established in 1985. Aside from the Ikoyi campus, the school has two other campuses located at Anthony and Lekki, Lagos.