Hollandia yoghurt drives consumer affinity in northern Nigeria

Nigeria’s leading drinking yoghurt brand, Hollandia Yoghurt, is renewing its connection with consumers in Northern Nigeria as the favourite drinking yoghurt brand for wholesome nourishment.

Consumption of drinking yoghurt is very popular and well embraced amongst consumers in Northern Nigeria irrespective of time, season, or demographics. It is also widely consumed as part of the cuisine of several ethnic groups in Northern Nigeria. It is therefore very fitting that the favourite yoghurt brand Hollandia Yoghurt renews its connection with the consumers.

With the launch of its latest communication campaign tagged “Always Tradition, Always Hollandia Yoghurt”, Hollandia Yoghurt celebrates the deep connection of the Northern consumers with tradition, love and friendship. The campaign contextualises the local needs and way of life of consumers through their moments of wholesome nourishment. Be it in moments of replenishment from a very humid day in Sokoto, Katsina, Bornu or Kano, Hollandia Yoghurt provides the wholesome nourishment for active replenishment and revitalising energy that keeps you positively recharged to be at your best for the day.

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For a people renowned for their general outlook on communality, the Hollandia Yoghurt 1Ltr pack encourages sharing, bonding and wholesome nourishment to every gathering, at home or at parties. The 500ml pack is for individual enjoyment for satiety and relaxation. The 90ml value pack provides the perfect drink to accompany children’s food packs as they head off to school.

Hollandia Yoghurt can also be enjoyed with your favourite local snack like Masa, Gurasa, Dan Wake and Kilishi as a tasty treat. It is available in affordable pack sizes.

CHI Limited Marketing Director, Toyin Nnodi, encouraged consumers across Northern Nigeria to continue to enjoy their favourite drinking yoghurt for its high quality, delicious taste and wholesome nourishment for active replenishment.

“We know that Hollandia Yoghurt continues to fit into the local consumption need and way of life of our esteemed consumers across Northern Nigeria. Hollandia Yoghurt offers quality nutritional benefits, convenience as well as value, and we are glad that positive consumer perception of the brand is driving its market leadership in the region,” she said.

Hollandia Yoghurt is available in two variants of Plain Sweetened and Strawberry, and it comes in five different pack sizes of 1Ltr, 500ml, 315ml, 180ml and 90ml.

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