Hogan Protocol to enhance security through journey management

Determined to combat the growing rate of insecurity in Nigeria, Hogan Guards, a leading private security firm, has introduced a newly established sister company, Hogan Protocol to provide individuals with journey management, armed escort services and close protection services.

Hogan Protocol, according to Paul Ibirogba, chief executive officer of Hogan Security, was established with a view of reducing the risks associated with travelling and other forms of public exposure by both ordinary citizens and VIPs.

He said the company provides specialised risk and journey management backed by an elite team of trained professionals.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the company, Ibirogba said that given the state of insecurity particularly on the interstate highways today, the importance of detailed route planning, countermeasures, and close protection cannot be overemphasised.

“The significant increase in demand for these services led us to create a separate registered entity to fill this need while Hogan Guards focuses on physical security,” he said.

Ibirogba noted that as an organisation headquartered along the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, which is not only the busiest road in Nigeria but also the venue of several reported cases of highway robbery and kidnapping, Hogan Protocol is established to combat insecurity head-on and prevent in its entirety.

He further said that the Hogan Protocol fleet is complete with real-time GPS tracking, live monitoring, and encrypted communication which is monitored from the company’s 24-hour central command center to deploy additional assistance should the need arise.

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He stated that there are additional security measures in place which cannot be disclosed for safety reasons.

“To ensure no stone is left unturned, Hogan Protocol set up the journey management team in collaboration with the Nigeria Police Force to execute secure and safe travel, both interstate and intrastate for those who desire to carry out their functions safely, particularly when plying through areas with a high record of kidnapping, robbery, political or religious unrest, banditry, terrorism, and other crimes,” he said.

According to him, “The executive protection team caters to the security needs of VIPs and other individuals who may be exposed to high risk of physical attack/assault, theft/robbery, and unwanted crowds, due to the type, nature, or sensitivity of their employment or position, high profile status, economic net worth while the protocol team is trained to ensure clients have a seamless experience at the airport, by providing pickup and drop-off, baggage handling, immigration assistance.”

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