• Sunday, March 03, 2024
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Here is why you should be excited about ‘Lagos Air’?

It is no longer new, but the Lagos state governor has announced that it will start a state-run airline(Think Ibom-Air) and airport.

Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu announced during the week.

He announced this during a Lagos West Senatorial District People’s Town Hall Meeting presentation.

He said an airport will accompany the airlines, and the new airport will be built in Lekki.

“Over the last five months, the Deputy Governor and I have been working to put a concise plan together for the establishment of an airline, but we did not make the plan open because of the need to get adequate knowledge about the operational procedures of airlines.

“The business plan is viable, and there is no issue about financing. The conversation has gone to an advanced stage but we need to get the proper information on operations before implementing the plan,” Sanwo-Olu said.

But what does all this mean for Lagos, and why should Lagosians be excited about it?

Here are four things to be excited about ‘Lagos Air’(This is not the original name; think Ibom Air in Akwa Ibom).

1. Cheaper flights
A state-run airline, free from the pressures of maximizing profits for shareholders, could prioritize affordability.
One of the biggest challenges Lagosians face is the high cost of air travel. Private airlines often cater to business travellers and wealthier Nigerians, leaving the average Lagosian with limited options.

A state-run airline focusing on affordability and accessibility could change the game. Imagine visiting family in the north or pursuing business opportunities in other parts of the country without breaking the bank. The airline could also prioritize domestic routes, connecting Lagos to smaller cities and towns currently underserved.

2. Job creation
A state-run airline and airport would be a significant employer, creating thousands of jobs for pilots, flight attendants, mechanics, engineers, and other aviation professionals.

3. Improved infrastructure  and development
A state-of-the-art airport wouldn’t just be a fancy terminal but could catalyse broader infrastructure development in Lagos. Think of improved transportation links, upgraded cargo facilities, and even the development of new business districts around the airport. This could ease congestion in the city and create new economic opportunities for Lagosians.

4. A Symbol of Lagos pride
Let’s face it: Lagosians have a unique swagger. A state-run airline and airport would be a powerful symbol of that pride.  A constant reminder of the city’s dynamism and entrepreneurial spirit.