• Thursday, April 18, 2024
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Here are 10 most populous nations in Africa at the start of 2024

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Africa is witnessing unprecedented population growth, with projections indicating that the continent’s population will double by 2050, reaching over 2.5 billion people, as estimated by the United Nations (UN).

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Factors driving this surge include high fertility rates, declining mortality rates, and a rising number of young people entering reproductive age.

With one of the world’s youngest populations, Africa has a large number of people under the age of 25. While this demographic structure offers opportunities for a vibrant workforce, it also poses challenges in terms of education, employment, and the necessity for robust social and economic policies to harness the youth demographic.

The growing population presents both opportunities and hurdles for economic development. A sizable and youthful workforce can stimulate innovation, entrepreneurship, and economic expansion.

However, population growth intersects with environmental issues, necessitating a balance between economic development and sustainable practices to prevent resource depletion and ecological damage.

Here are the 10 African countries with the highest population at the beginning of 2024, compiled by WorldPopulationReview, an independent for-profit company specialising in current world population data and demographics.