• Friday, April 19, 2024
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Gumi on meeting with security agencies: We had a productive interaction


Ahmad Gumi, a Kaduna-based Islamic cleric, said his meeting with security agencies who invited him regarding his statements about bandit activities was productive.

Mohammed Idris, the minister of information and orientation, announced the government’s invitation to Gumi concerning his remarks.

The minister stated that Gumi is not above the law and he would face consequences if security agencies found his comments to be reckless.

Gumi described his discussion with security personnel in a social media post on Tuesday as “productive interaction on how to curb banditry”.

He mentioned receiving calls from supporters and journalists about his invitation by security agencies, assuring there was no concern.

“Last night I got many frantic calls from well-wishers and journalists about a news item that I was interviewed by security. There is absolutely no cause for alarm.

“Yes, we had a productive interaction on how to curb banditry as we are all trying — each in his own sphere — to tackle the monster bedevilling the nation. There was no animosity but courtesy and full of respect.

“We all need as a nation to unite and work in synergy to achieve an everlasting peace,” he wrote.

Gumi has reportedly advocated amnesty for bandits and has met with various bandit groups, attributing their actions to government neglect.

Many Nigerians have called for Gumi’s arrest over his comments and connections with bandits and terrorists.

Recently, the government identified Tukur Mamu, an associate of Gumi, as involved in terrorism financing.

Gumi responded that only a competent court could label Mamu as such, noting that terrorists self-fund through ransom.