• Monday, June 17, 2024
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Governor becomes sole authority for new appointments as Kano assembly dethrones 5 Emirs

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Kano State Assembly has dissolved all five emirate councils within the State, asserting Governor Abba Yusuf’s exclusive constitutional authority to appoint new emirs.

The Assembly, convened during Thursday’s plenary session, deliberated on the Kano State Emirate Council Amendment Bill, which had successfully navigated through its second and third readings.

Deputy Speaker Alhaji Muhammad Bello Butu articulated that the repeal of this legislation aimed to restore Kano’s erstwhile eminence, contending that the division of the Kano emirate into five had diminished the state’s stature on the national stage.

Majority Leader Alhaji Lawan Hussaini Dala echoed this sentiment, lamenting the dilution of the emirate council’s cultural custodianship following the establishment of additional emirates.

Addressing reporters, the majority leader elucidated that the amended law nullifies the existence of all five emirate councils, with oversight duties now falling under the purview of the Commissioner for Local Governments.

Concurrently, the Assembly sanctioned a proposal to institute a new second-class emirate council within the state.

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