God will raise good leadership in 2023 if Nigerians can genuinely seek Him – Collins

Collins Timothy is the General Overseer of Olive Mountain of Prayer and Praise Ministry International, Lagos. In this interview with NGOZI OKPALAKUNNE, Timothy explained what he said it would take Nigeria to have good leadership in 2023. He also spoke on other issues. Excerpts:

Having been a servant of God for some years now, how would you describe the place of churches in Nigeria?

One thing about the churches in Nigeria is that there are ministers who are called by God and those who called themselves. Those who are called by God to work for Him stand for righteousness, holiness and purity. They have the fear of God; they preach undiluted word of God that will lead souls to heaven eventually. While those who called themselves often use diabolic means to lift up things. Church is not meant for business purpose, the church of God is meant to win and nurture souls for Christ so that they will inherit the kingdom of God. Today, division has entered into the churches in Nigeria. Preachers discuss their own doctrine, the way it will suits them, they do not preach what will edify souls and prepare them for eternity with the Almighty God.

Another unpleasant issue associated with the churches today is the way people speak against men of God. People should avoid that because God Himself is not pleased with that.

2003 general election is by the corner and the country is in need of good leadership. How do you think Nigeria can access such type of leadership?

To have good leadership in the country come next year, there is need for Nigerians to really pray and repent of their sins. Take for instance, from the onset the people who are ruling this country are rotating, they have tried several times and they have failed. If the citizens of this country can come together with one mind and seek the face of God, He will lift up someone. Those who have been ruling us for years have not given us anything. On the other hand, division has been a major issue when it comes to politics. Take for instance, if an Igbo man wants to come out for leadership position in the country, by the time you know it, about twenty more Igbo men would also come out for the same position. If they can organise themselves and choose one person to represent them, they will stand and win the position be it presidency or any other.

The same thing applies to Yoruba and Hausa. If they can make up their mine, select one person and give such an individual all the necessary support, Nigeria will have good leadership come 2023. Everybody wants to be a president, not that they are coming to make things better for the citizens, but they are coming for their own pocket and that is the reason everybody is dragging for leadership position, leadership position should not be dragged, it is by election and should be chosen by God.

Could that be the reason for the high rate of insecurity in the country presently?

That is the reason in the sense that if a man finds himself in a leadership position, others who could not make it would like to frustrate him so that he will be a failure.

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Did you know that together we stand, divided we fall? If people can pray very well and understand that when somebody gets there as a leader, the rest can be a sub-ordinate to assist him instead of frustrating his efforts and causing troubles that will lead to insecurity in the society, the issue of killings and other forms of inhuman treatment we are experiencing today in the country would have been a thing of the past.

There are challenges today in the country, many of the youths are on the street taking drugs; what do you think is responsible? What is your advice?

It is not the issue of government, it is an individual thing. Before now some youths do conductor jobs to survive, while some move around to pick items from the dust bin to market in order to make a living. Some do other hand work to earn a living, they did not steal, they did not kill or get themselves involved in ritual killings. When internet has not come, people were living well and succeeding in their various endeavours.

So, high test in a man’s life and quest to make it at all cost is responsible for all these. He is being carried away like what is written in the book of ’James, Chapter 1 verse 14 and 15: ‘They are being carried away because of lust.’ If you keep your hands clean, become obedient to the word of God and work harder, you will become successful in life.

It is not all the youth that are lazy; the lazy ones end up doing all manner of evil things such as taking drugs and involving themselves in cybercrimes.

Can you give a brief background of how you came to know the Lord?

When l was growing up, I do see vision and when l told my mother she would understand and she guided my footsteps. As time went on, l discovered that God was calling me, but surrendering to Him was difficult. What l wanted to do then was to support anyone who wants to work for God because l did not want to go into full time ministry. This continued until a day l ran into the hand of ritualists, they dealt with me and were ready to kill me, but because God was with me, they could not use me for rituals. When l miraculously escaped, l was rushed to the hospital and was there in a coma for weeks. It was there God appeared to me and promised to heal me if only l would surrender to Him. Eventually, l surrendered and since that time, God has been manifesting himself in my life and in the ministry.

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