Foundation to empower youths for self-development, nation building

A non-governmental organization says it is out to empower youths for self-development and nation-building by providing independence and development opportunities through education and critical thinking.

Known as Ubong King Foundation, the organisation which was started by Ubong King in 2018, will be reaching out to the youths through its annual event called ‘Thinkation’.

According to the organizers, Thinkation is a compound word derived from the merger of ‘thinking’ and ‘education’. It is a platform that brings together established and transformational leaders, including youths from different facets of life to share experiences.

It is also a platform for sharing insights and secrets that will assist young Nigerians to make an extraordinary impact and accelerate their personal growth in business and national development.

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This year’s edition of the event, which is the 5th in the series, is slated to hold o January 29, 2022, with the theme, ‘Create Your World’.

Unyime-Ivy King, Co-founder of the Foundation, disclosed at a press conference in Lagos last Friday that the forthcoming event would feature many leaders and experts in various fields who have passed through many processes in life to reach the apex of their goals.

She added that the leaders and experts would be coming to educate, share experience and create a meaningful impact on the young minds in order to awaken their thinking processes for self-development in business and nation-building.

“Africans are being celebrated for being well educated globally while many of her communities remain underdeveloped and depend on the influence and expertise of the western world for development even after being endowed with natural resources,” she noted.

Unyime-Ivy King reasoned that while there was nothing wrong with the Western influence, it had its positives, explained that it was imperative that Africans developed their minds and knew what to do with what they had in order to live in a better world.

“We believe that the challenges in our continent are not caused by what we do not have but what we have that we have failed to utilize because our thinking process is impaired by a mindset that only thinks for today, lives for the here and now, and lacks futuristic thinking,” she said.

She disclosed that it was the concern of the Foundation, through the Thinkation initiative, to infuse thinking into education for excellent outcomes so as to get desired results to change the continent and enhance individual growth amongst youths.

The Co-founder disclosed further that the foundation had gotten amazing feedback from previous participants who had conquered the dependency mindset.

Nedy Akwiwu, who came from the Ubong King team, explained that the foundation was youth-based as the founder believed that reforming the minds of the youths was basically what would produce leadership.

Meanwhile, the event scheduled to hold both virtually and physically expects such personalities as Nevers Mumba, former Vice President of Zambia, who will be the keynote speaker at the event and celebrities from the entertainment industry who have passed many stages to reach the peak of success.

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