Experts share business growth strategies at Goliath Program

Over 100 established entrepreneurs were privileged participants to attend a business growth masterclass hosted by Steve Harris, an international business strategist, and other renowned experts.

The programme held recently dubbed the ‘Goliath Program’ was a masterclass for entrepreneurs who intend to scale and build sustainable businesses.

Harris noted that Nigeria is blessed with thousands of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises but unfortunately, too many of these businesses are unable to scale after years of operation.

“My goal from the outset of this program was to get business owners out of their comfort zones so they can stop playing small and become entrepreneurial giants or goliaths in their respective industries,” he said.

“Goliath businesses don’t build teams, they build armies. Goliath businesses leverage their structure but don’t get trapped by it. Goliath businesses can communicate the value they bring to the customers,” he further said.

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“Goliath businesses build an ideology and philosophy that drives their businesses,” he added.

Leke Alder, in his keynote address, said the Goliath program was a good initiative by the host and considers it a privilege to be a part of it to share knowledge and experience with the participants.

Alder noted, “Entrepreneurs are the drivers of great economies and as such must have a philosophical basis as a driving force for success.”

The good thing about masterclasses like this is that it forces you to think and act accordingly, he said.

Similarly, Harris who was earlier quoted said the Goliath Program challenged the participants to take action having been exposed to time-tested and practical principles that will help transform or take their businesses to that desired level they envision.

The participants expressed satisfaction at the high level of knowledge and clarity gleaned from the speakers and looked forward to becoming the next thing in their various industries.