• Saturday, March 02, 2024
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Expert urges entrepreneurs, others to tap global opportunities

Expert urges entrepreneurs, others to tap global opportunities

Temitope Ajibola, an entrepreneur and global talent mobility expert has urged operators of small and medium-scale enterprises to tap global opportunities to earn foreign exchange for the country amid scarcity.

Ajibola who made this call at a media briefing said that the world keeps getting increasingly connected and global mobility activities have become a vital component of modern society.

He noted that global mobility is a critical driver of economic growth across all nations, enabling businesses to access new markets, talent pools, and partnerships.

Ajibola who is also the founder of Youniserve, a trailblazer in talent mobility, stated that the opportunity to deploy skills, talent, innovations, and business ideas among others goes beyond geographical residence. The need to embrace global mobility and its attendant benefits cannot be overemphasized.

He disclosed that an increase in global mobility has enabled individuals to explore new cultures, gain new perspectives, and develop valuable skills that can benefit themselves, their families and society at large.

“When we talk about global mobility, it’s basically the movement of people across international borders for various purposes, including work, business, education, and personal growth,” he said.

“Youniserve is heralding a new era in facilitating international mobility for skilled professionals, especially for those in Africa,” he stated.

Driven by state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence (AI), Youniserve is committed to reshaping the migration experience and providing unparalleled support for individuals seeking opportunities on a global scale, he added.

Giving a brief insight into his brand’s global mobility business offering, he said, “The waitlist launch for our mobility service comes at a crucial time when projections indicate that, by 2050, one in four persons on earth will be African, making the region pivotal for global talent.”

He went further to state that over the last decade, remittance flows to Africa have doubled, reaching an impressive $100 billion in 2022, surpassing funds received through Official Development Assistance (ODA) and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), as per the United Nations.

These statistics he disclosed underscore Africa’s growing significance in the global landscape, highlighting the need for innovative solutions to support individuals on their migration journeys.