ELOY Awards promises to celebrate more women at its 14th edition

To celebrate and empower women in all sectors and to encourage them to support one another, ELOY Awards has concluded plans for its 2022 awards ceremony.

A statement signed and made available to BusinessDay by the Founder, ELOY Awards, Tewa Onasanya explained that the nominees for the 14th edition of ELOY Awards 2022 include intimacy coaches, social entrepreneurs, content creators and mote.

These women, she said, have been nominated for their achievements, consistency and guts during the ELOY Year, September, 2021 to October 2022.

Onasanya further explained that the awards aimed to highlight different sectors where women are excelling in, adding that “every year, we shine the light on new categories like the intimacy coach category, social media expert category and more. The intimacy coach category has women who are trained to inspire people to help clarify their vision to achieve a successful personal relationship and build emotional awareness including sexual fulfillment, an area where people are scared to talk about or shy away from.

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“We are also highlighting the fact that consistency and guts is required to be successful in one’s endeavour. The more effort you put into living the life you want, your career and business, the better result you get. Consistency is more important than perfection. You are what you repeatedly do every day.

“We look forward to celebrating all the nominees and winners at the 14th ELOYs 2022. We must not forget the ELOY conference happening the same day. There will be an array of exhibitors to showcase their products and services and provide actionable tips for financial literacy and freedom.

“We are talking about the art and business of making and growing money.’’