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Electronic Payplus partners American Express for Smart Card production

Nigeria’s foremost Smart Card manufacturer and payment solution company, Electronic Payplus (Epay Plus) Limited, has continued to receive global acceptance as an internationally-recognised payment solution provider.

Epay Plus, which recently got admitted into the prestigious International Cards Manufacturers Association (ICMA), has announced a partnership with American Express to produce its range of smartcards.

Forbes describes American Express as “by far one of the most versatile card providers available”. The company offers a variety of cards suited for the needs of a wide range of consumers.

American Express said Electronic Payplus Limited had complied with the security requirement as stipulated by the Payment Card Industry.

“American Express hereby confirms that the vendor (Electronic Payplus Limited) has provided evidence of completion of a security review by a PCI accredited security assessor demonstrating compliance with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Card Production Physical and Logical Security requirements.

“Therefore, it is confirmed that authorization is granted to the vendor to perform the checked services for GNS Licensees whom are licensed by Amex to issue American Express branded cards,” the company said in the license issued to Electronic Payplus Limited.

Bayo Adeokun, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Electronic Payplus Limited, says the American Express partnership is another first by his company.

According to Adeokun, Epay Plus is technically the first African company to be so licensed by American Express to produce its cards.

“Please note that Electronic Payplus Limited is the second Company to be certified in Sub-Saharan Africa by American Express International, outside South Africa. The two South African Companies are International Companies from Europe with outlets in Johannesburg.

“The implication of the above is that Electronic Payplus Limited has increased its suite of service offering, apart from the Verve, VISA and MasterCard certifications that we presently have.

“We are now well positioned to help any issuer in Nigeria or from any other country in Africa with their American Express card issuing project.

“This is another first for the Company as it’s our usual practice to be the leader in innovative products in the market,” an understandably excited Adeokun said.

Electronic Payplus Limited started operations in May 2005, as a payment service provider. Sixteen years later, the Company has become Nigeria’s biggest in Smart and Digital Card production, with capacity to produce all kinds of secure cards.

Apart from bank cards, the company has expanded capacity to produce SIM Cards, Biometric Identity Cards, Electronic ticketing for public transportation (Rail, Bus Rapid Transport, Ferry, etc.), Voter’s Card and even Residency Cards for Diplomatic and Expatriate Workers.

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