• Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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Ebonyi records malaria reduction from 56.5% to 50.7%

Ebonyi records malaria reduction from 56.5% to 50.7%

Ebonyi State Government has said that over 60% hospital attendance in the State was caused by malaria disease.

Moses Ekuma, Commissioner for Health made this known in Abakaliki, the State capital during a Media chat to mark the 2024 World Malaria Day

Ekuma said malaria disease still remains public health problem in the State and a major cause of mobility in pregnant, women and children under 5 years.

He said, “The Government is working hard to control malaria as there is a gradual reduction of the disease from 56.5% confirmed cases in 2023 to 50.7% as of the end of ist quarter of 2024.

“According to the World Health Organization, mosquito-transmitted diseases kill over 1 million people in a year and cause 3 to 5 hundred million cases per year.

“In Nigeria, Ebonyi state, in particular, the disease is still a public health problem, over 69 percent of hospital attendance is caused by Malaria and the major cause of mobility in pregnancy, women and children of less than 5 years.

“World Malaria Day is an annual event, the theme for this year is “accelerating the fight against Malaria for a more equitable world”. The celebration offers an opportunity for Malaria endemic and malaria-free country to a town and length about the devastating consequences of the disease and for new donors to join the global partnership against Malaria.

“It is also a chance for a Malaria affected region to increase awareness of the Malaria disease and hence win more political will and support from the government towards the disease.

“The objective of the celebration is actually to increase awareness of Malaria diseases and to encourage the use of proven major to control Malaria.

“It’s also to catalyze government towards increase political will and support to roll back malaria interventions, and that the Ebonyi state government is doing perfectly well.

“Aso to increase the involvement and demand of malaria commodities and services and to awaken more partners to rise to the fight against Malaria and hence increase investment in Malaria control efforts.

“The Government of Ebonyi State under the leadership of Governor Francis Nwifuru has done a lot in the area of healthcare provision for Ebonyians and control of Malaria in particular, training of newly recruited doctors, nurses and pharmacist to build their capacities on Malaria peace management.

“The State has also distributed insecticide-treated nets to pregnant women attending antenatal and immunization in the health facilities across the state.

“There is also a provision of free MRDT of suspected Malaria cases in the state, the government has also provided free anti-malaria drugs to facilities.

“All these efforts of government and many more have resulted in be more effective and efficient state Malaria program and gradual reduction of malaria from 56.5% confirmed cases in 2023 to 50.7% as at the end of the first quarter of this year”.