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Ease, convenience and speed: Leadway’s comprehensive motor insurance unpackaged

The famous saying that “time is of the essence” hits home for those who like to achieve more within the time-limited space available to us. Time is so critical that it occupies an important place in the actualisation of any human endeavour.

A CNN report about Lagos released in 2019 estimated that the Megacity loses about $3 million (about N12.3 billion) monthly to the minimum of three hours a day spent in traffic. The report also evaluated the loss to the gridlock caused by the Apapa port congestion to be about $19 billion (N7.8 trillion) annually.

Beyond the whooping financial loss that time can cause us, it also impacts mental health, accelerating the deteriorating state of our wellbeing and life expectancy. Time is indeed of great essence in our lives and in achieving a tolerable living standard for humankind.

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This reality has prompted many consumer goods and services providers to incorporate time-saving tools and convenience as a unique selling proposition in their offerings. Today, banking transactions and consumer purchases have been optimised to be activated at the push of a button on our mobile digital devices. Innovative brands are now offering timesaving as a product development focus to woo consumers. Put it differently, organisations who help save time not only help save money but lives as well.

Leadway Assurance Company Limited, Nigeria’s foremost insurer, has extended this standard to the insurance market. The Leadway Comprehensive Motor Insurance is now available in just 120 seconds of an end-to-end process! That is almost at a twinkle of an eye.
Apart from the financial, productivity and emotional impact of this introduction, Leadway Assurance ensures that the risks of owning and driving a vehicle on Nigerian roads are well mitigated while helping the vehicle owner fulfil the legal requirement for auto insurance in the country.

The market-leading insurer with fifty years of operational experience understands that the responsibility of every vehicle owner in Nigeria is to have an insurance policy. But they want the consumer to have a sense of fulfilment adhering to this critical legal requirement. They want you to do it in style, speedily and conveniently. What is not to love in that?

In addition to that sweetener, you get to have the Leadway’s acclaimed assured cover that takes responsibility for the cost of repairs of your vehicle or that of another car owner, should you get involved in an accident or replacement in the case of theft. It also takes charge of medical bills of up to the limit of the policy in the possibilities of­ bodily injuries, and compensation in the unfortunate case of permanent injury or death.

This means that by taking two minutes, less than the time it takes to fix your fastest meal, you get the opportunity to be part of this fantastic Leadway Auto Insurance Plan. So, in just a few quick and simple steps, visit the website input your Vehicle Registration Number and Valid Means of Identification, all within 2 minutes, you can get your certificate for your Comprehensive Motor Insurance on your device. That’s all!

To know more about this offering, please visit or call the Leadway Assurance customer care helpline on 01-2800-700. You can also send an email to for professional advisory or request a call back by visiting

We are within your reach on our social media outlets – @LeadwayAssurance on Facebook & Instagram, @Leadwayinsure on Twitter. You can send a DM, and we would revert with all the information you require.

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