Discovery of COVID-19 palliative warehouses shows that governance in Nigeria is a glorified criminal enterprise- Moghalu

Kingsley Chiedu Moghalu, a Nigerian political economist and presidential candidate for the  Young Progressive Party (YPP) in the 2019 presidential elections has noted that the discovery of COVID-19 palliatives shows us that governance in Nigeria is a glorified criminal enterprise.

The statement was known via his twitter handle this morning.

“Reports of the discovery in Nigeria of “COVID warehouses” with palliatives on which billions of naira were budgeted and spent, hoarded and undisbursed to citizens, tells us that much about “governance” in our country is simply a glorified criminal enterprise,” He tweeted.

Since Thursday, there have been reports of hoodlums attacking and looting warehouses where COVID-19 palliatives were stored across the various states in the country.

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