Dewdrops Uncut Learning trains bakers on new skills, innovation

...empowers widows

In a bid to ensure that bakers in Nigeria survive the cost-of-doing-business crisis and expand their operations, Dewdrops Uncut Learning has trained and empowered bakers.

The early-stage bakers in the baking and confectionery industry and widows were trained on the skills and tools needed to run a successful baking business. Also, widows were empowered.

The third edition of the Dewdrops Uncut Learning empowerment programme which took place recently had in attendance actors across the Nigerian baking value chain, and cake lovers within and outside the country who exhibited and showcased their products.

The training programme had prominent bakers and chefs from within and outside the country as trainers, who took the bakers and widows through various sessions.

Ezinne Okonkwo, managing director, and chief executive of Dewdrops Cakes Limited said the training programme is to train bakers and those interested in baking on new skills.

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“When you train a woman, you are training a nation. Sometimes the training is very expensive and they don’t have the money, we bring these experts here and make them understand they can do it,” she said.

“This edition is special, this year we introduced the grants for widows because we are faced with a lot of travails especially this September when school fees will be paid and women are struggling hence the need for grants, she explained,” she said.

She explained that 20 bakers contested in the baking contest but only four made it to the finals. She added that the contestants were raked with marketing uncut learning as the contestants with higher seat numbers will make it to the finals.

She unveiled the winners as Ibekwe Calista Ifunanya of Calizbakeshop, Emeni Michael Oghenerukewe of Reciparian Cakes, and Bernadette Jarrett of Dainty Delights. Each of the winners was given baking equipment worth N1 million.

Ezinne urged the government to support the baking industry by reducing duties, extra charges, and taxes to encourage bakers and thereby drastically reducing the unemployment rate the country is currently battling with.

Also, Onome wornu, baker and creative director of Cakes by Kaks R’Us in Lagos said the Dewdrops Uncut Learning programme will bring revolution to the country’s baking industry, noting it has been impacting the sector since its launch.

Porsha Kimble, a cake specialist from America who was a special guest at the event, expressed her excitement and said it is phenomenal and very exciting to see people come from all walks of life to attend and share knowledge.

“Mostly educational and helpful and also networking and learning experiences as a community,” she said.

Comparing the Nigerian baking industry with that of America Porsha said, “The Nigeria cakes are very big and the use of flour making is very different and they don’t use much colour. In the USA we use much colour, we flavour buttercream which you don’t.”

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