• Saturday, December 02, 2023
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Cybertron combines power of google, facebook to help businesses run better online ads

Cybertron combines power of google, facebook to help businesses run better online ads

A programmatic platform based in Lagos, Cybertron Ads, has said its technology can help businesses find the right customers at the best possible cost.

Online advertising is currently dominated by tech giants such as Amazon, Google and Facebook but each have unique limitations in terms of targeting users.

“While for example, Google can use its search data for targeting users, Cybertron can use Google search data and other third party networks to gather more data for use in any particular campaign thereby increasing the possible pool,” CEO of Cybertron Ads, SaintGermain Onwukeme said.

“So, our technology pulls data and resources from platforms such as Google, Facebook, Rubicon, and Opera ad exchange to run a very good performance campaign. Also a huge plus is we also have our own in-house data audience,” he further said.

Some of Cybertron’s offerings include helping businesses acquire active users and boosting app downloads, including direct to mobile Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) installations.

The platform also offers audience deliverables for both mainstream categories and other niche sections like sports betting and cryptocurrency, which are unavailable via Google and Facebook.

“We have been able to drive conversions, activity, and actionable actions for our clients. We are not just going to run your campaign; we are going to make sure that there are end-results from your campaign,” Onwukeme further said.

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In 2020, digital advertising spending worldwide was estimated at $378 billion and is projected to reach $646 billion by 2024. But due to poor targeting, much of it is wasted.

For example, Google once said 56 percent of ad impressions are never seen by consumers.

“This is a problem Cybertron is solving,” Onwukeme said.

According to him, “With Cybertron, you always get value for every dime you spend,” he explains. “And that’s mostly because we’re not just running your ads; we’re ensuring that the customer acquisition flow is seamless and viable.

“Our audience data is anonymous, in line with global GDPR and privacy standards, but they are real people who will engage with your business.”

He further said that Cybertron currently works with several businesses and agencies to help improve the efficiency of their marketing spend.

“We don’t just have a variety of audience. One of the things that we also do is that we are able to ensure that your product itself matches the audience by removing all bottlenecks to success.

“So, instead of adopting a gambling approach on online advertising, you actually save money and achieve your marketing goals faster when you collaborate with Cybertron,” he said.